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Serial Fiction Art

6. Embers

Alyza Sebenius ends her story in the Sierras.

Serial Fiction Art

5. Rocks

This week, our protagonist follows Collin to discover a secret about their family land.

Serial Fiction Art

4. Sister

This week, our protagonist discovers new facts about Royella's shady past, leading to more questions about her hidden motives at Foxglove.

Serial Fiction Art

3. Owls

This week, our protagonist and her family discover the existence of a protected bird on family property, possibly complicating the schemes of Aunt Taylor and Royella.

Serial Fiction Art

2. Button

This week, our protagonist reunites with Aunt Taylor only to find a concerning letter.

Serial Fiction Art

1. Foxglove

A teenager begins adjusting to divorce and familial tensions while visiting her dad in the Sierra Nevadas and discovers the mystery surrounding the family cabin "Foxglove."


17 Class Marshal Finalists Emerge from First Round of Voting

The Class of 2014 cast roughly 1,000 votes to choose their senior class marshal finalists, but it was a last-minute vote that created a tie among two of the candidates and resulted in the selection of 17 finalists, rather than the usual 16. The finalists, eight of whom will ultimately represent their class this year and beyond as marshals, were announced Thursday morning.


Report Outlines HMS Researcher Misconduct

An internal investigation by Harvard Medical School into scientific misconduct by one of its former stem cell researchers used information from the researcher’s colleagues and computer hard drive searches to confirm a breach of academic integrity, according to the investigation’s official report.

Sciences Division

Study Suggests Video Games Can Help the Blind Navigate

A recent study from Harvard’s Laboratory for Visual Neuroplasticity at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary suggests that audio-based video games can help blind individuals to navigate physical spaces.


Researchers Measure Global Carbon Dioxide Levels

Using data generated by planes that traveled between the North and South Poles, Harvard researchers generated the first set of highly detailed measurements of greenhouse gas levels across the globe. This comprehensive data set is now available to the public.

Studying the Brain

New Device Monitors the Brain

Harvard researchers have developed the first quantitative neuromotor assessment device, an advancement which could have repercussions for fields ranging from sports medicine to Parkinson’s disease research.


University Outlines Green Initiatives

The University has substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions, food waste, trash, water use, and the number of commuters who drive solo to campus, according to a University-wide Sustainability Impact Report released by the Office for Sustainability on Monday.


New Architects for Barry's Corner Present to Allston Residents

Harvard presented Samuels & Associates, Harvard’s real estate partner for the Barry’s Corner Retail and Housing Commons project, to Allston residents Wednesday. The presentation, made during a Harvard-Allston Task Force meeting, reflected further progress on the part of the University as it resumes its development in the neighborhood.


Ivy League and Big 10 Launch To Jointly Research Head Injuries in Athletics

In the wake of an increased awareness of the dangers of head trauma in sports, the Ivy League and Big Ten Conferences will partner in research on concussions and other head injuries in collegiate athletics.


The Nonrequired Required Reading List

When Daniel A. Gross ’13 thought about life after graduation, he decided that with his departure from campus, he didn’t ...