Harvard Yard

Report Calls on Harvard to Expand Climate Change Education

A University report issued last week called on Harvard to expand its climate change offerings by hiring new faculty and staff in the field and establishing a standing committee to direct the school’s efforts.

Harvard College Earth Day Festival

Harvard Celebrates Earth Day with Events Across University

Seeking to raise awareness about Harvard’s sustainability efforts, schools and programs across the University have hosted events since Thursday celebrating Earth Day.

Arnold Arboretum

Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum Celebrates its 150th Anniversary

The Arnold Arboretum celebrated its 150th anniversary with a special lecture at its Weld Hill Research Building on Tuesday afternoon.

Office of Sustainability's Living Lab
College Administration

Harvard Has Yet to Release Updated Sustainability Plan, Missing Self-Set Target

Following the lapse of its previous University-wide sustainability plan in 2020, Harvard has yet to release the second generation of its sustainability goals.

Campus Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Harvard Greenhouse Gas Emissions Flatlined for Fifth Straight Year in 2020

Nearly every aspect of Harvard’s operations changed in 2020, with much of the campus left empty due to Covid-19. But the University’s campus greenhouse gas emissions remained stagnant for a fifth straight year last year, according to preliminary data released Friday as part of the University’s 2020 sustainability report.

Clearing the Air event
School of Public Health

School of Public Health Panel Discusses Air Pollution, Climate Change

Public health professionals joined leaders from academia, government, and the private sector to discuss the biggest threats to climate and global health at a Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health forum on Wednesday.

White House

White House National Climate Advisor and Activists Address Student Climate Conference

The deputy White House climate advisor discussed how the Biden administration will tackle climate change during one of the administration's first speaking engagements on climate change this year in a webinar hosted by the Student Climate Conference at Harvard.

Red Shuttle

Harvard Announces Purchase of 100% Electric Buses

Harvard purchased four fully electric shuttle buses to curb its use of fossil fuels on campus.

Sai Shanthanand S. Rajagopal
Student Jobs

Harvard Senior Runs for Parliament in Canada on Environmental Platform

Rajagopal is currently running against five other candidates, including the incumbent from the Liberal Party, Kyle Lamoureux.

Divest Protest

Divest Protest

A group of University affiliates marched from Harvard Square to the Yard Friday pushing for administrators to consider divesting from fossil fuels.

Mass Hall, Fall 2017
On Campus

2017 Sustainability Report Highlights Progress, Features New Graphics

The Office for Sustainability released its 2017 Sustainability report, highlighting reductions in trash production per capita and water use, among other improvements.


With Harvard's Help, Allstonians Look to Spruce Up Lincoln St. Green Strip

Some Allstonians are looking to restore a roadside strip of green land near Interstate 90 with Harvard's help after a similar attempt a decade ago failed to take root.

Allston Construction

Harvard Completes Steel Framework for Allston Energy Facility

Harvard recently completed the steel framework of the "District Energy Facility" in Allston that will provide electricity and water to the new SEAS complex.

Metasequoia Tag

Metasequoia Tag

Like other plants at the Arnold Arboretum, metasequoia trees are marked according to the year their seeds are received.

Professor Steven C. Wofsy

Steven C. Wofsy

Wofsy and his team maintain a worldwide network of ground and airborne instruments dedicated to monitoring changes in the climate and the atmosphere. They are currently preparing to fly 70,000 km in order to measure pollution in the remotest areas of the world. ​