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Summer Postcards 2012

Church Sunday

This was chagga singing—a traditional, cultural expression of what it feels like to believe in something higher than yourself.

Summer Postcards 2012

Waiting with Connection

In Tanzania, you don’t wait on someone or for someone—you wait with them.

On Campus

Center for European Studies Book Sale Today

Interested in European history? Economics? Politics? The Center for European Studies Library is selling its books on these topics until 6 p.m. today.

On Campus





Books for Sale at Cabot Science Library

This week, there's a special reason to stop by the Cabot Science Library (and no, we don't mean to study.) It's the yearly Science Book Sale! The library is selling a variety of books from Harvard's collections at a low cost—in this case, just $4 a piece, or less.

Food and Drink

Safar: A Journey of Taste Banquet

If you're on campus and tired of eating cereal for dinner (or worse, setting fire to your hall kitchen attempting to cook pasta), tonight you can satisfy your taste buds with the exotic cuisines of Pakistan, India, and the Middle East at Safar: A Journey of Taste, a banquet organized by Harvard students to support the millions of Pakistanis who are still suffering in the wake of the 2010-2011 floods that destroyed much of the country's arable land.


Fundraising Through Henna

Margot Leger '13 is a runner, a lover of words, and a creative fundraiser. This April she is combining two things that most of us have probably only ever considered doing—running a marathon and getting a henna tattoo. Leger, fundraising in support of the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA), is asking friends and family to donate words, at five dollars apiece, that she will henna onto her body before she runs the distance.


Showing You Care Never Tasted So Good

March 11 marked the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. In 2012, the aftereffects of the natural disaster have not yet subsided, and many in Japan still find themselves without home or job. A Cambridge-based fundraising initiative called Bake For Japan hopes to give buyers the chance to make a difference in the lives of impacted individuals while simultaneously indulging buyer's sweet tooths.

Student Life

Final Exam Schedule Posted

Hear warmer days calling your name? Even though this winter has been relatively mild, this May will undoubtedly bring (even) warmer weather and, let's not forget, final exams. Before you book your summer plane tickets, make sure to check out the final exam schedule here.

On Campus

From a Whisper to a Wave: Spreading the Word about Women’s Week 2012

Women's Week traditionally celebrates women's accomplishments and stimulates conversation around the role of women today and the larger implications of gender at Harvard. The students behind the event are already generating conversation, starting with just a whisper.


Cancer Patients Still Smoking

A sizeable minority of patients diagnosed with lung and colorectal cancer continued smoking after their diagnosis, according to a recent Harvard Medical School study published in the journal Cancer.


Six Faculty Members, Six Summer Stories

While trudging through freshly fallen snow may not induce thoughts of summertime, this coming summer is no doubt on many of our minds as we apply to programs, internships, and travel opportunities that will take us away from Harvard in just a few months' time.


Ice Skating Outside the Science Center

The sound of Katy Perry playing loudly at one end of the Yard on a weeknight is enough to make anyone curious. Walk a little further and you'll see beautiful lights set against a black star-lit night—all perfectly complemented by plentiful laughter and the occasional sound of bodies crashing to the ground.