This week, there's a special reason to stop by the Cabot Science Library (and no, we don't mean to study.) It's the yearly Science Book Sale! The library is selling a variety of books from Harvard's collections at a low cost—in this case, just $4 a piece, or less.

Though most of the books are science related—with topics ranging from biology to the social sciences—there is a wide selection across disciplines. "We have an odd group, [including] about a shelf of popular histories of World War One battles," Allen Bourque, the library's Head of Collection Management and Circulation, wrote in an email.

Offering even more than just a wealth of scientific and historical information, the books on sale are useful for students who know which courses they will be taking in future semesters. "It's really a gold mine," said Rumbidzai C. Mushavi '12, a Cabot Science Library employee, as she gestured toward some brand new Statistics 100 books. "I highly suggest that students come and get their textbooks now."

While some of the books are duplicates or older versions of books that are currently available in the library system, visitors to the sale had many different reasons for loving what they discovered among the myriad of bound volumes.

"In some cases they'll be books that are directly related to our research, and in other cases they will be classic books that are just nice to have," said Noa E. Corcoran-Tadd, a graduate student in the Anthropology Department who purchased several books. "We're creating our own private library."

Revenue from the sale will be used to purchase new books for Harvard's collections. Administrators are also discussing donating any leftover funds to Better World Books, an organization to which Harvard libraries have sent books in the past.

The book sale is open through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Be sure to stop by and get 'em while you can!