March 11 marked the one year anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami disasters in Japan. In 2012, the aftereffects of the natural disaster have not yet subsided, and many in Japan still find themselves without home or job. A Cambridge-based fundraising initiative called Bake For Japan hopes to give buyers the chance to make a difference in the lives of impacted individuals while simultaneously indulging buyer's sweet tooths.

After taking a few minutes to peruse the selection of delectable confections on the organization's website, users can press the "Click to bid" button next to their dessert of choice (be it that delicious chocolate cake or set of peanut butter frosting cupcakes.) If you are the highest bidder, not only will you enjoy your selected dessert, but you will also be able to choose whether your money goes to the Japan Disaster Relief Fund - Boston, the Kumagai family, whose story can be found here, or a charity of your choice.

Mariko Moher, a College Fellow in the Psychology Department and one of the bakers behind Bake for Japan expressed excitement about people's enthusiasm thus far.

"What's really thrilling is how supportive people have been," Moher said. "I think this is one way to keep what happened alive in people's memories."

The auction ends on Thursday, March 22 at 10 p.m. If you feel like giving and are looking for a delicious dessert as well, make your bid before that date.