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Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Professor Roger Fisher Dies at 90

Roger D. Fisher ’43, a Harvard Law School professor emeritus known for his innovative work in the field of peaceful conflict resolution, died in Hanover, N.H. on Saturday, Aug. 25.

Seeing Through the Haze

Seeing Through the Haze

The pervasive silence raises a number of troubling questions about the rites of passage taking place behind closed doors—and what power administrators have to preserve student safety if they cannot collect honest accounts of the rituals.

Derrick Bell's Legacy

Derrick Bell's Legacy

Bell's actions two decades ago were part of a larger debate that would grip—and ultimately transform—the Law School, making it a community more inclusive of diverse theory and experience.


Jennifer M. Granholm

The movement for divestment—which raised tensions between students and the University during the 1980s—was a defining part of Jennifer M. Granholm’s experience at Harvard Law School, and helped to shape the advocate and political figure she would become.


Pinker Visits Allston Library To Discuss Violence

According to Harvard psychology professor Steven A. Pinker, who gave a talk at the Honan-Allston Branch of the Boston Public Library Tuesday evening, we are in the least violent era of human history.

City Politics

Affordable Housing Preserved in Harvard Square

Ann Allosso says she was really too old for this type of thing. Every Friday this past summer, the 73-year-old Allosso slipped flyers under doors in the Chapman Arms apartment buildings—a total of fifty units, four floors, and one rickety elevator. Every Monday, Allosso—who calls herself “the mother of the building”—led the meeting advertised on the flyer in the Chapman’s lobby.


MBTA Plans Significant Fare Increases

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is considering serious fare changes and service cuts, including raising student fares by up to 83.3 percent for local buses and by 76.5 percent for T fare.

Harvard Square

Volunteers Conduct Homeless Census

More than 30 volunteers—equipped with blankets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and scarves—fanned out through Cambridge and Somerville at 2 a.m. Thursday morning to carry out the annual Cambridge Homeless Census, a count that Congress mandates that local homeless service organizations conduct in order to receive funding.


Political Ads Highlight Warren's Ambivalent Relationship with Occupy

On Nov. 9, Crossroads Grassroots Political Strategies, a political action committee founded by strategist Karl Rove, launched its first attack ad against Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren, seeking to tie the senatorial candidate to the national Occupy movement.


Palfrey Leaves HLS for Andover

Professor John G. Palfrey ’94 is leaving Harvard Law School to take the position of Head of School at Phillips Academy Andover, according to announcements from both schools. Palfrey’s areas of research include Internet law, intellectual property, and international law.


IOP Elects New Leaders

Jenny Ye ’13 and Julia B. Konrad ’13 were elected president and vice president of the Institute of Politics, respectively, Sunday evening in the first contested race since 2008. Their ticket emphasized integrating public service with existing programs and building a community within the IOP.


Khazei Drops Massachusetts Senate Bid

Alan A. Khazei ’83 dropped out of the Massachusetts Senate race Thursday, citing difficulty raising funds in a field dominated by Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren.


Warren Raised Over $3 Million in Third Quarter

Harvard Law School Professor Elizabeth Warren raised $3.15 million for her Senate campaign in the third quarter—bringing in more in that period than any Senate candidate across the nation in the previous quarter.


Derrick Bell, First Tenured Black Professor at HLS, Dies

Once called the “Rosa Parks of legal education” by President Obama, Derrick A. Bell died Wednesday night.


Khazei Criticizes Warren’s PAC Funds

Democratic Senate candidate Alan A. Khazei ’83 repeated criticism of the race’s frontrunner, Elizabeth Warren, for accepting money from Political Action Committees Wednesday.