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Senior Talent Show Tomorrow

Will the next Yo-Yo Ma '76 be in the Class of 2011? Will you be at the public debut of the next Lady Gaga? Find out Wednesday at the the Senior Talent Show, which will feature a variety of music and dance acts along with a bit of stand up comedy.

On Campus


Police tape blocks off access to Harvard Yard. The body of an unidentified man, who suffered a self-inflicted gun wound, was found on the steps of Memorial Church earlier this morning.

On Campus


A tourist snaps photographs of Sever Hall as police close off access to the Yard after a man was killed from a self-inflicted gunshot wound on the steps of Memorial Church earlier this morning.

On Campus


An unidentified man lies on the steps of Memorial Church after suffering a self-inflicted gun wound.

On Campus

BREAKING: Man Found in Front of Church in Harvard Yard After Shooting Himself

An unidentified man was found on the top step of Memorial Church in Tercentenary Theatre this morning after fatally shooting himself.

Harvard in the World

Drop the H-Bomb, Land Some Chicks

Sometimes, it can seem so hard for students at Harvard to find relationships. We certainly love to complain about it. But now, a new website is here to help…some of us.


More Evidence for Hauser's Scientific Misconduct

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith has publicly confirmed that psychology professor Marc D. Hauser is responsible for eight instances of scientific misconduct in his laboratory. Although the dean did not specify what exactly Hauser’s fate will be now, Smith did say that the University will definitely be imposing sanctions on Hauser, who is now on a year-long leave of absence.


Swipe-n-Slide...Coming to a T Station Near You?

Taking the T can be such a pain. Sometimes it crashes when the driver texts his girlfriend or you have to deal with creeps who grope your friends. Fear no more. The Cambridge City Council has agreed to look into a compensating solution that will slide those pains away—literally.


POSTCARD: Latin American Graffiti

The urban wallpaper of Latin America is political graffiti.

Men's Soccer

POSTCARD: One Nation Under Soccer

The World Cup, or Copa Mundial, has emptied the city—the whole nation watches unified in anticipation.


Graduation Robes, Explained

We present a guide to the history of the Commencement dress code with instructions on interpreting all the colors and adornments on Thursday morning.

House Life

Winthrop Three-Peats to Highlight the End of Intramural Season

They may have been ranked among the, well, less desirable in FlyBy’s house reviews, but Winthrop certainly knows how to ...

Food and Drink

BoardPlus Burn: Chauhaus

Still have $130 left to use on your BoardPlus before it expires on May 22? No worries, we’ve got your back on just how to spend that rediscovered cash. Earlier this week, we recommended Rock Café and the Cronkhite Dining Room. We conclude this feature with Chauhaus. BoardPlus Redemption Center: Chauhaus, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Food and Drink

BoardPlus Burn: Cronkhite Dining Room

Never been to Lamont? (There’s a café there?) Not really sure where the Greenhouse is located? Still have $130 left on your BoardPlus before it expires on May 22? No worries, we’ve got your back (even though you just might live in a hole) on just how to spend your newfound wad of cash in this burning BoardPlus series. BoardPlus Redemption Center: Cronkhite Dining Room, Cronkhite Graduate Center, Radcliffe Institute

Food and Drink

Board Plus Burn: Rock Cafe