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Visual Arts

Painting Perception

Writing not long after the death of Leonardo da Vinci, art historian and biographer Giorgio Vasari described the late master’s “Mona Lisa,” placing special emphasis on the lady’s uncanny simper. “And in this work of Leonardo’s there was a smile so pleasing, that it was a thing more divine than human to behold; and it was held to be something marvelous, since the reality was not more alive,” he wrote.


Editor's Picks 2009

Arts execs take a break from ranking Radiohead vs. Spoon to rank... whatever they feel like.

Lethem's Novel proves 'Chronic'

Cobwebs of conspiracy, visible only by glimpses of light filtered through the haze of pot smoke, bind fast the decadent

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CRIMSON CAREERS: The Blackstone Group — 'Nowhere To Hide'

It's September, and the campus is crawling with recruiters looking to lock down the next generation of financial movers and


Triumph. This word alone might suffice to describe the long-, long-awaited arrival of “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II,”

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Chester French

Chester French’s much anticipated debut album, “Love the Future,” is a tour de force scarcely seen in contemporary pop music.

What's Sorrento?
Harvard in the City

What's Sorrento?

New Found Glory

Most of us remember the nascent years of pop-punk through a haze not unlike the one that accompanies a few

Shepard Fairey and the Obedience Paradox

Andre the Giant, Barack Obama, Andy Warhol, Flavor Flav, Noam Chomsky, and the dollar bill have one thing in common:

Top Four Musical References to the Arcane

1. “The Tain” by the Decemberists. These Portland, Ore. indie rockers recently created an 18-minute music video for their 2004

'Don't Sleep,' There is Much (Linguistic) Debate

“It was about 5:45 p.m., the most beautiful time of day, when the sun glows orange and the river’s reflective

Lou Reed

When it was originally released in 1973, “Berlin” was to be Lou Reed’s masterpiece. Following hot on the trail of


Never before have binge drinking and sustainability come together as they do in Portland-based rock band Red Fang’s “Prehistoric Dog.”


“Paper Trail” is a mash-up of paradoxes. Swagger and humility; sugary hip-pop (“Whatever You Like”) and bluesy, organ-infused slow raps