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Central Administration

Report Details Proxy Voting

Harvard’s Corporation Committee on Shareholder Responsibility released its 2009 report yesterday detailing the University’s voting decisions on 19 shareholder proposals regarding issues of social responsibility, ranging from climate change to animal welfare.

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The story that doesn't go away

<p>Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who was arrested by Cambridge police for breaking into his own house in July, went pubbing with Sgt. James Crowley at River Gods Bar &amp; Restaurant last night. The two seem to have become way more chummy since the summer, when Gates virulently alleged that he had been racial profiled by police and called on Crowley to "beg my forgiveness."</p><p>(FlyBy's other favorite Gates-ism: when asked by police to step out of his home, Gates, the University professor and MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipient, reportedly told Crowley, "I'll speak with your mama outside.")</p><p>River Gods' owner, Jackie Linnane, told FlyBy that the pair stayed for over an hour and chatted amicably, but she wouldn't specify what they were served other than an appetizer and beer. The River Gods menu includes everything from standard cheeseburgers to "Korean Handrolls" to "Goddess Salad" topped with arugula, pears, and bacon.</p><p>"We were really surprised that this even got out," Linnane said, noting that Gates has frequented the pub in the past. "When they came in the early evening it wasn't too busy; they were pretty secluded."</p><p>When the duo chatted with President Obama at the White House in July over peanuts and pretzels—the so-called "Beer Summit"—Gates reportedly had a mug of Sam Adams Light while Crowley had a Blue Moon with slice of orange. (Obama had a Bud Light while Vice President Biden stuck with a nonalcoholic Buckler.)</p><p>Wikimedia Commons/Pete Souza</p>

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The story that doesn't go away

Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr., who was arrested by Cambridge police for breaking into his own house in July, went


University May Assume More Debt

After finishing the fiscal year saddled with an unprecedented $6 billion in debt, Harvard may borrow even more money this year to sustain various capital projects across campus, the University’s chief financial officer said last week.

Alumni Call for Lower HMC Pay

A small group of alumni from the Harvard Class of 1969 renewed its criticism of compensation paid to University endowment managers in a letter sent to President Drew G. Faust yesterday, citing the nearly 30 percent investment loss sustained this past year.

University Pays $500 Million To Cut Losses

Harvard’s decision to use derivative investments to lock in low interest rates on the school’s mounting debt cost the University $500 million this past year and will cost it at least $425 million more over the next few decades, according to the University’s annual financial report released Friday.

Harvard in the City

Harvard To Support Area Food Bank

Harvard President Drew G. Faust announced on Friday a new public service initiative to support The Greater Boston Food Bank—the ...

Our Fearless Leader on the Tube

In an interview on PBS-aired talk show Charlie Rose Wednesday night, Faust confidently lapped up PR for Harvard's financial aid

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Head of the Charles: Preview

Head of the Charles : festive two-day rowing event drawing thousands of crew-loving spectators, or corporate-sponsored carnival and glorified prep


Harvard College Library, China Form Pact

The Harvard-Yenching Library—the largest university library for East Asian research in the Western World—signed an agreement on Friday with the ...



The entire contents of the Harvard-Yenching Library’s Chinese rare book collection, 51,500 volumes in all, will be digitized over the next six years by Harvard librarians with funds from the National Library of China.

City Politics

Menino Faces Call For Reform

An ideological impasse over a Harvard-sponsored residential development project in Allston has inflamed long-standing criticisms about the role of the ...

model of charlesview redevelopment

Allston Plot Slated for Housing

Harvard has made a commitment to the City of Boston allowing residential development on a small parcel of its landholdings ...

Higher Education

Princeton’s Funds Shrink 23%

Princeton’s endowment shrank by 23 percent this past fiscal year—beating Harvard’s 30 percent loss—but the decrease was buffered by the ...

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Musical Chairs, Harvard Style

Yard hasn't seen this much action since... Musical chairs: not a game fo