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Central Rock Gym
Harvard Square

Central Rock Gym Brings New Heights to Harvard Square

Central Rock Gym rocked Harvard Square with its grand opening in the Abbot Building this past August.

Halloween Costumes: Netflix and Chill
Flyby Blog

Netflix is Downloadable Now So Say Goodbye to Your Productivity

You can kiss those pity A-minuses goodbye! Hello, procrastination.

Money Requested and Allocated

skip classes flowchart
Flyby Blog

Should You Skip Class Today?

Should you skip class today? We have the answer for you.

UC debate push up contest
Undergraduate Council

ICYMI: Push-Ups and Water Pong Liven UC Debate

Three pairs of aspiring Undergraduate Council leaders faced off at Saturday night’s “UC-Crimson Crossfire” debate, but just one duo looked ready to fight.

Willy Xiao Scooter
Flyby Blog

Meet the Scooterers of Harvard

Every scooterer has a story that deserves to be heard.

hekla lise cafe
Food and Drink

Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part Four: The LISE Center’s Heklas– You’re Welcome

There are few things in life closer to my heart than warm, fresh, cinnamon rolls that are paid for by Harvard’s mysterious BoardPlus, but alas, for the love of Flyby I am revealing the greatest secret on this campus, the shining star in all of my darkest moments, a reason to smile even when wind chill is quite literally forcing me to tears.

Breakfast Sandwiches at CGIS Cafe
Food and Drink

Best Uses of BoardPlus, Part One: Easy, Breezy, Beautiful Breakfast Sandwiches at CGIS Cafe

​I love to eat my breakfast quick and undisturbed. That’s why I hate early morning meetings, like other people. But also why I like breakfast sandwiches.

jenny's cafe picture 2
On Campus

Eva & Nacho Review: Jenny's Cafe at the Harvard Art Museums

​In another installment of Flyby’s never-ending quest to seek out the best study spots on campus, staff writers Ignacio Sabate ’18 and Eva S. Monroe ’18 ventured past the Yard to Jenny’s Cafe in the Harvard Art Museums.

Billy Orman bike
Flyby Blog

Frankenbike: Spicing up the Streets of Cambridge One Vehicle at a Time

If you've been strolling through the Square in the right place at the right time this year, you may have had this exact thought after witnessing Billy Orman ‘16 riding on what appears to be a bicycle straight out of the circus.

Justice Anthony Kennedy HLS
Flyby Blog

Anthony Kennedy Likes "Legally Blonde"

In between references to Kafka and brief spurts of German, Kennedy also made one other, arguably more important point: Legally Blonde is a good movie.

Dean Khurana and Moped
Flyby Blog

Dean Khurana Has a Vespa

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

blank party picture

Flyby Follow-up: [BLANK] Party

Last week, Flyby reported about the upcoming [BLANK] Party, an event hosted by a group of women on campus looking to encourage inclusivity in Harvard’s social scene. Flyby, being the intrepid reporters we are, trekked through the rain to the Science Center Plaza last night to check it out. In case you weren’t as down to brave the elements (read: drizzle) as we were, here’s a quick recap of what you missed.

dumplings central square
Food and Drink

PSA: $1 Dumplings in Central Square this Sunday

Get ready to skip a HUDS lunch and head on over to Central Square to celebrate the 4th Annual Festival of Dumplings in Central Square with $1 dumplings.

Food and Drink

PSA: Maharaja Is Open Again

Maharaja, the Indian restaurant that’s been closed for about 15 months, recently reopened above Staples.