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Visitas Back Packs
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How To: Do Visitas Right

​Visitas, Harvard’s annual pre-freshman visit weekend, comes only once a year. If you’re not a jaded upperclassman, this weekend represents an important time to showcase the fun side of Harvard, proving to young high school students that this place is more than its midterm season. But on the other end, visiting pre-freshman have big questions on their minds - will I fit in here? Is Harvard ~right~? If you’re in that boat, this post is for you.

HUDS Coffee

Flyby Reviews: HUDS Coffee Tasting

Flyby's review of potential new and improved HUDS coffee

Inn at Harvard
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How To Live in Quarantine

When you have mumps, Harvard is the literal definition of an isolating place. Luckily, Flyby is here to help.

Quincy House: Stone Hall


<p>If the dining hall restrictions of no freshman and strict “+1 guest only” rules at Quincy’s popular dining hall are any indication, this house is in many ways the center of dining life on the River. Old Quincy, known as Stone Hall, has been renovated in recent years and reflects the traditional Harvard look of many of the houses along the River, while New Quincy boasts fully-furnished singles within a duplex that are popular for juniors and seniors within the House. New freshman penguins (the house mascot) will enjoy late night treats at the unrivaled Quincy Grille or at the comfortable, renovated “Innovation Space” in Stone Hall’s basement. Despite some controversial dining hall murals, freshman placed in Quincy on Housing Day have plenty of reasons to celebrate. </p>

Swine Flu Scare

Harvard Update: Our World is Ending

There are a lot of pretty definitive signs that the world is ending. First, we had a strangely mild winter. In the beginning, I assumed that this was Boston’s way of personally saying sorry to me for last year, when I, one of the three thousand Harvard students who come from California each year for the opportunity to confirm and then complain about the superiority of the West Coast, suffered through an unreasonable number of blizzards (yes, I alone experienced this struggle).

Construction near HUHS
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HUHS Tries to Buy Back Student Trust With Free Ice Cream

Flyby has been won over by free J.P. Licks

Conan C. O’Brien ‘85 Speaks in Sanders Theatre

Conan's Biggest Regret at Harvard is Greg Mankiw's Greatest Dream

For those of you who prefer to live within the comfort of Lamont or gave up on lotteries after you were rejected from all of your classes during shopping week, Conan O’Brien was on campus on Friday afternoon for a conversation with President Drew Faust in Sanders. Conan revealed that he had never taken Ec10, the second-most popular class at Harvard.

Warm Weather
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The River Walk: That Time I Almost Died

Yesterday morning, my morning journey from the faraway land of the River houses to the Yard resulted in an unforeseen danger Quadlings do not have to face: all of the sidewalks from the river to the entrance of the Yard were covered by a thick layer of ice.

RIP Ventfull
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Goodbye, Ventfull

Flyby says goodbye to the application that never was.

What would we have done with only ONE Peet's Coffee in a 2-block radius?
Harvard Square

What would we have done with only ONE Peet's Coffee in a 2-block radius?

We're really digging the "warm and cozy independent coffee house" aesthetic—it almost made us forget we were in a corporate bank. Almost.

What would we have done with only ONE Peet's Coffee in a 2-block radius?
Harvard Square

Overheard at the New Capital One Peet’s in Harvard Square

There's a new Peet's Coffee in Harvard Square. For those wondering, this Peet’s, which doubles as the front counter of a Capital One bank, now sits in the same block as the two Starbucks and two CVS’s in the area, and is within sight of the original Peet’s that sits on the opposite corner.

Job Search
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Flyby’s Guide to Cover Letters

Unless you’ve managed to nail down an internship during the fall recruiting season, the month of January signifies the start of a desperate stretch of cover letter-writing, phone-calling, and resume-sending, as you attempt to market yourself for the real world and, hopefully, a real job.

Thank You Free & For Sale
On Campus

The End of Harvard’s “Free & For Sale”: A Eulogy

Harvard’s “Free & For Sale” Facebook group met its tragic end when it suddenly ceased to exist this November. In its memory, Flyby has written a eulogy for the beloved group that once was.

Thank You Free & For Sale
J Term

Thank You Free & For Sale

Treasures acquired from Free & For Sale pillage

hekla lise cafe
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hekla lise cafe

The Hekla, in all its beauty.