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House Randomization Graphic Reunion

‘A Guinea Pig’: Looking Back on Randomized Housing for the Class of 1999

For more than two decades, Harvard students were able to rank where they wanted to live for three years of college. But in 1995, Harvard’s administration decided it was time for a change.

Dartboard Plagiarism Feature Graphic

Copy-and-Paste: How Allegations of Plagiarism Became the Culture War’s New Frontier

Harvard had already found itself in the crossfires of the culture war. But with new software at their disposal and a trove of unscrutinized scholarship to dive into, the plagiarism allegations against Claudine Gay had opened up a new frontier.

The Nieman Foundation

Harvard Nieman Foundation Selects 24 Journalists as 2025 Fellows

The Harvard Nieman Foundation for Journalism selected 24 journalists from across the globe to study and teach at Harvard for two semesters, the foundation announced on Friday.

Lowell Gate and Harvard Shield

73 Harvard Undergrads Win 2024 Hoopes Prize for Senior Theses

Logan C. Kelly ’24 was in the Winthrop Dining Hall eating lunch with his “oldest friend at Harvard” when he glanced at his phone and saw he had won the Hoopes Prize.

GSC Elections
Student Life

GSAS Student Council Continues Board Nominations, Discusses Transportation Issues

The Harvard GSAS Student Council continued nominations for unfilled board positions, reviewed motions for constitutional amendments, and discussed transportation accessibility at its final meeting of the academic year.

HGC Meeting 4/22/24
Student Groups

Harvard Graduate Council Hosts First-Ever Awards Dinner, Honors ‘Person of the Year’

The Harvard Graduate Council recognized several council members and awarded Bobby Constantino their “Person of the Year” award at their first-ever awards dinner Monday evening.

Dean Dench
Student Groups

‘An International Issue’: Harvard GSAS Dean Says Free Speech Issues Are Not Harvard-Specific

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Emma Dench said in a Tuesday interview with The Crimson that free speech is an “international issue” rather than a Harvard-specific problem.

GSAS Dean and Interim Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Emma Dench

Harvard GSAS Dean Says Students Should Pursue Grad Degrees for ‘Love of the Discipline,’ Not Professorship

Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Dean Emma Dench said students should pursue graduate degrees out of passion for their research rather than a desire for professorship during a Tuesday interview with The Crimson.

Harvard Medical School Quadrangle

HGC Proposes Resolution to Extend Van Services to Longwood Following Student Complaints

The Harvard Graduate Council proposed a resolution at a Monday night meeting requesting the University provide van service to Longwood after several students at Harvard Medical School complained about transportation accessibility issues.

Graduate Council

Harvard Alumni Email Forwarding Services to Remain Unchanged Despite Student Protest

Despite requests from graduate students, new Harvard alumni will not regain alumni addresses and will instead have to continue using an email forwarding service, Harvard Alumni Association Executive Director Sarah Karmon said Monday night.

Graduate Student Council Elections
Student Life

GSAS Student Council Nominates 6 Board Members, Leaves 12 Roles Including Presidency Unfilled

The Harvard Graduate of Arts and Sciences Student Council nominated Ph.D. candidates Walter Shen and Max Street for elections to GSC executive and advisory board positions at a meeting Wednesday night, joining four students who were nominated before the meeting began.

Harvard Graduate Council

Harvard Graduate Council Presents ‘One Harvard’ Awards, Plans Socials

The Harvard Graduate Council presented “One Harvard” awards at a meeting last Monday and plans to host three “One Harvard” social events for students at all 12 of Harvard’s graduate schools over the course of the next two months.

Harvard Kenneth C. Griffin Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Harvard Horizons Scholar Looks to ‘Sound the Alarm’ on ‘Forever Chemicals’

Heidi M. Pickard, a fifth-year Ph.D. student in Engineering and Applied Sciences at the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, used her 2024 Harvard Horizons project to investigate environmental contamination and human exposure to highly-prevalent “forever chemicals.”

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Harvard Physicists Create New Phase of Matter, Advance Field of Quantum Computing

A team of Harvard researchers working with the quantum computing company Quantinuum announced the creation of a new phase of matter in a research paper last month.

Harvard Graduate Council Photo
Student Groups

Harvard Graduate Council Elects New Leadership for 2024-25 Academic Year

The Harvard Graduate Council elected a new president and vice president for the upcoming academic year in a meeting Monday evening.