Spring Break

Spring Break Postcard: Sunsets and Shrapnel

“So, you take pictures of sunsets too?”

Qué Viva Chávez
Latin America

Waiting for Chávez

The first person I met upon entering the line at the Paseo Los Próceres in Caracas, Venezuela, to see the body of the country’s late president, Hugo Chávez, was a dark-skinned man named Feliz. He wore a green mesh shirt and jeans, and his wife stood next to him holding their daughter, who wore a red beret. I introduced myself, and said that I was a college student studying abroad from the United States. He smiled: “You’re a revolutionary, then?”


Coordinates: March 5 in Mérida, Venezuela

Part of a series of ongoing coverage on Venezuela.

Around Town

Game of Thrones

At Harvard, it can be difficult to tell history from myth. Archives, legends, and centuries-old student organizations all do their ...

Memorial Hall
On Campus

Memories of Memorial Hall

FM returns to The Crimson’s archives to explore Memorial Hall’s history and to imagine the memories made there through the years.


Love Stories: A Literary Map for Valentine's Day

This Valentine’s Day, FM charts the course of true literary love—platonic and romantic—across Harvard’s campus and through the ages.

Brattle Theatre

Past Tense: The Brattle Theatre

But this unassuming countenance does little to suggest the small, single-screen movie house’s long influential history. In the 60 years since its opening, the Brattle has helped to transform local film culture, and its influence has extended across the country.

Fifteen Questions

Ten Questions with Susan Cain the Expert on Introverts

Harvard Law School alumna and author Susan Cain visited the Harvard Bookstore on Feb. 7 to promote her book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” Published in 2012, “Quiet” explores and questions contemporary views on introversion. FM sat down with Cain before she headed home to New York.

For The Moment

Tell Me a Story: Joseph A. Fabiano

This week, FM searched Harvard’s halls for a story from the lives of the men and women who make the university run smoothly from day to day. Fabiano, a security guard, has been employed by Securitas for 10 years. FM simply asked him to tell a story.

Undergraduate Council

A Growing Movement: Students Aim to Change Culture and Policies Surrounding Sexual Assault on Campus

3,066. That’s the number of students—85 percent of those who voted in the latest UC election—who agreed with the UC referendum asserting that Harvard should reexamine its sexual assault practices and policies.

In The Meantime

Love & Earl Grey

The following is the story, as told to me, of how Joshua fell in love with, and ultimately proposed to, his wife Anna E. Lumelsky ’00 over a series of dates at the café.

In The Meantime

Back to School: Hitting the Books, 15 Years Later

Alina I. Lazar's story is in some ways circular—it begins and ends with books—but spliced in between are 12 years of a path that privileged on-the-ground action over words on a page.

Nina M. Yancy
Fifteen Most Interesting

Nina M. Yancy

It is impossible to confine Nina M. Yancy to a single label. Perhaps this is because she came from a small community outside Dallas, Texas, and a high school class of only 21. Or, more likely, it is because Yancy does it all.

In The Meantime

It Takes Two: Laurent Rivard '14 and Christian Webster '13

My first year, he was the guy I was competing with. I was competing with him, but I was also learning a lot from him.

"Grand"iose Laughs
In The Meantime

It Takes Two: William V. Bergstrom ’13 and Anne-Marit Bergstrom

In 2004, William V. Bergstrom ’13 wrote a creative essay for an English class which he later published as a picture book. His grandmother, Anne-Marit “Mumsel” Bergstrom illustrated the book, called “The Magic Telescope.”