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Year in Review

Canada Goose

Our favorite childhood game has relocated from the playground to Harvard Yard. “Duck, duck, goose” has turned into a different form of entertainment on campus—pointing out “Duck boots, duck boots, Canada Goose” in the wintertime.

Harvard Square

Breaking Passover

I was assigned to write a piece about breaking Passover. In case you don’t know, “leavened” products (most bread, pasta, and pastries) are prohibited during the holiday. As someone who eats an egg and cheese bagel for breakfast, cereal in between meals, and is constantly rewarding herself with cinnamon rolls (I deserve it for writing the header on my paper, don’t you think?), abiding by the limits of Passover was something I could not do. Even for the sake of journalism. Sorry, FM. To make up for it, I scoped out some of the best places to grab a meal once Passover is over.


Retrospection: President Lowell's Quotas

A history of discriminatory quotas and policies.


FM Imagines: Deval Patrick's Commencement Speech

The subject of this year’s speech is unknown to the public, and the suspense is killing us. In the meantime, we drew up a few ideas of our own.


Concentration Timeline

Last week, the Faculty of Arts and Sciences announced that the College likely offer a concentration in Theater, Design, and Media next fall. Though the addition of a new concentration is exciting, it’s not the first time it has happened—Harvard was not created with all 48 concentrations, but rather added them throughout the years. With the declaration date for sophomores looming on the metaphorical horizon (lookin’ at you, prospective English concentrators), FM has thoughtfully compiled a chronology of the addition of concentrations through the ages.