Einstein Book Talk

Physicist Sylvester J. Gates, Jr. Discusses History of Relativity At Harvard

The conversation — which was moderated by Harvard physics graduate student Delilah E. A. Gates — promoted the book “Proving Einstein Right,” co-authored by Sylvester Gates and novelist Cathie Pelletier.

Einstein Book Talk

Einstein Book Talk

Theoretical physicist and writer Dr. S. James Gates Jr. spoke on Wednesday evening about his newly released book titled "Proving Einstein Right" and the inspiration for its publication.

University Hall Morning

Physicist Sean Carroll Talks Uncertainty and Advances in Quantum Mechanics at Harvard Science Book Talk

California Institute of Technology professor Sean M. Carroll discussed recent advances and unsolved questions in the field of quantum mechanics, addressing a packed lecture hall Wednesday evening.

First Day of Shopping Week

Harvard Physics, Women+ of Color Project Collaborate on Graduate School Workshop

The Harvard Physics department, in collaboration with the Women+ of Color Project, hosted a Graduate School 101 Workshop Weekend from Friday to Sunday for women who come from backgrounds underrepresented in physics.

Lowell House Sustainability

Harvard Pilots ‘Space-Age Technology’ in New Lowell Suite

Freshly renovated Lowell House features a new "Dynamic Energy Suite" – a six-bedroom pod of dorm rooms with built-in technological enhancements that monitor power consumption and adjust lighting for better sleep and energy efficiency.

Astronomy Department

Harvard Astronomers Help Capture First-Ever Image of Black Hole

A research group led by a Harvard scientist unveiled the first-ever image of a black hole Wednesday morning, drawing praise from both the scientific community and the general public.

Roy Glauber

Roy Glauber, Harvard Physics Professor and Nobel Laureate, Dies at 93

Harvard Physics Professor Emeritus Roy J. Glauber ’46, whose pioneering work in the field of quantum optics earned him a Nobel Prize in 2005, died on Dec. 26. He was 93.

GSAS's Dudley House
Student Life

Up to 31 Percent of Harvard Graduate Students Report Struggles with Depression, Anxiety in Survey of Four Departments

HUHS developed the questionnaires in collaboration with students studying Earth and Planetary Sciences, Physics, Integrative Life Sciences, and Economics.

Loomis Observatory

Undergrads Spearhead Repairs to Loomis-Michael Observatory Telescope

The changes are minor, but long overdue, according to Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe President Rodrigo E. Cordova ’19.

University Hall
Sciences Division

Bloxham To Step Down as Dean of Science

Bloxham, who studies how planets generate magnetic fields, was first appointed FAS divisional dean for physical sciences in Aug. 2006.


First Sample of Solid Metallic Hydrogen Lost

A month after two Harvard physicists published results detailing the synthesis of the first-ever sample of solid metallic hydrogen, the researchers have lost the sample after trying to further analyze it.

Astrophysics Center

Astronomy Enthusiasts Over The Moon After Exoplanet Discovery

​Harvard astronomy scholars and enthusiasts say they are thrilled at the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets orbiting nearby star Trappist-1.

15 Most Interesting Seniors: Meg Panetta
Fifteen Most Interesting

Meg G. Panetta

Meg G. Panetta ’17 is a gentle soul. Her voice is very quiet. “I was a strange little kid,” she says. “I feel like most people are.”

Peter Galison
History of Science

Peter L. Galison

Galison’s teaching, like his many projects, focuses on the historical, philosophical, and ethical implications of science.

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin

Written in the Stars

Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin was promoted as the first woman to receive a full-time, non-female-only professorship from Harvard College.