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Portrait of Micah Write and Smokeintheye

Artist Profile: Micah Write and Smokeintheye are a Hip-Hop Dynamic Duo

Micah Write and Smokeintheye are paving their way to the forefront of Hip Hop with their unique sound and unwavering dedication to the craft.

Tyron de Harlem

Artist Profile: Tyron de Harlem is Preserving Hip-Hop Through Storytelling

As a documentarian, Tyron continues to educate himself on new artists and stay informed on the ever-evolving hip-hop landscape.

V Don

Artist Profile: V Don Is an Architect of the Underground Revival

By staying true to his style and prioritizing organic connections with artists, V Don has become one of the most sought-after producers in the Northeast.

Barry Rosenblum

Barry Rosenblum is Leading the Charge at Green Tea Studios

Rosenblum’s leadership at Green Tea Studios has been instrumental in its success as a premier recording facility in Los Angeles.

Sadhugold Profile Image

Artist Profile: Sadhugold is a Masked Master of Production

Sadhugold, an enigmatic rapper-producer based in Philadelphia, is one of the most sought-after beatmakers.

Spanish Ran Image

Artist Profile: Spanish Ran is a Bronx Producer With An Expert Ear

Spanish Ran has become a staple in the underground scene with his ear for up-and-coming talent and distinctive, throwback production style.

Eto Portrait

Artist Profile: Eto is A Torch Bearer of True Hip-Hop

Eto has steadily carved a niche for himself within the underground hip-hop scene over his two-decade-long career.

Chase Fetti Portrait

Artist Profile: Chase Fetti is a Rising Star from New Jersey

With an ear for vintage beats and a knack for raw lyricism, Chase Fetti has become a standout figure in the East Coast underground scene.

Feed The Family Portrait

Artist Profile: Feed The Family Is Bringing Hip-Hop Back to Boston

Rooted in their Boston origins, Feed the Family's influence within the East Coast underground continues to grow.

AA Rashid Image

Artist Profile: AA Rashid is the Voice Behind Griselda's Spiritual Journey

A chance meeting with Griselda Records president Westside Gunn in 2014 on a megabus near Atlanta marked the beginning of their creative partnership.

Isaac Pelayo Image

Artist Profile: Isaac Pelayo Is A Painter in Top Form

At 26 years old, Pelayo has already achieved more acclaim than some artists achieve in a lifetime.

Mickey Diamond Profile Image

Artist Profile: Detroit Rapper Mickey Diamond On His Recent Work with Big Ghost LTD

Detroit rapper Mickey Diamond has been making a name for himself with his signature deep-voiced delivery and gritty lyricism.

Pro Dillinger Profile Image

Artist Profile: Pro Dillinger is A Leader of The Umbrella Collective

Pro Dillinger is an artist whose raw talent, dedication, and undeniable charisma have positioned him as a promising force.

Estee Nack Profile Image

Artist Profile: Estee Nack is Massachusetts Rap at its Best

Lynn, Massachusetts-born rapper Estee Nack is the embodiment of authenticity in hip-hop.

Portrait of Knowledge The Pirate

Artist Profile: Knowledge The Pirate is Breathing Life Into New York Hip-Hop

Knowledge the Pirate's vintage sound is modernizing golden-age hip-hop for a new generation.