Legacy of Slavery

HLOS - Winthrop

Harvard Professor Sean Kelly to Lead Committee Evaluating Request to Dename Winthrop House

A committee of Harvard faculty, chaired by Philosophy professor Sean D. Kelly, will review a request to dename Winthrop House submitted earlier this year.

Wadsworth House
Central Administration

Harvard Legacy of Slavery Initiative Launches Grant for Projects Co-Led by University Affiliates, Nonprofits

The Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery Initiative will offer annual funding up to $350,000 for long-term projects and $25,000 for smaller projects that address systemic inequities for descendants of slavery, the University announced Monday.

Radcliffe Institute

Indigenous Speakers Demand Harvard Return Human Remains at Radcliffe Conference

Speakers criticized Harvard for continuing to hold the human remains of thousands of Native Americans in its museum collections at a conference hosted by the Harvard University Native American Program and the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study last week.

Harvard and the Legacy of Slavery Discussion

Harvard Affiliates Discuss Work of Legacy of Slavery Initiative at Cambridge Screening and Panel

Harvard affiliates spoke about the ongoing work of the University’s Legacy of Slavery report at a film screening and discussion hosted at the Cambridge Public Library Tuesday evening.

Denaming Graphic

With Winthrop and Sackler, Harvard Faces Denaming Dilemma

Over the past few years, the Arthur M. Sackler Museum and Building, Winthrop House, and Mather House have all been subject to calls for denaming due to the legacies of their namesakes. Now, for the first time, the Univeristy is officially considering requests for renaming proposals, but students and alumni remain split on what should be done.

Lanier Courthouse Photo 2023

Middlesex Superior Court Greenlights Discovery in Suit Against Harvard Over Images of Enslaved People

A revived lawsuit filed by Tamara K. Lanier against Harvard over its possession of daguerreotypes she alleges are of her enslaved ancestors will proceed to discovery, a Massachusetts state judge ruled at a hearing last Thursday.

Edwin Jourdan Portrait

Harvard Honors Black Alum Edwin Jourdain Jr. With Portrait in Winthrop House

Harvard honored Edwin Bush Jourdain Jr., Class of 1921, a Black College graduate who led efforts to dismantle the University’s segregationist freshman dorm policy, with a portrait in Winthrop House’s Senior Common Room.

Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Divinity School Faculty Discuss Teaching the Legacy of Slavery

A panel of Harvard Divinity School faculty reflected on the school’s ties to slavery and its responsibility to educate the next generation of religious scholars and leaders in a webinar Monday evening.

Widener Weather

Harvard Pledges $6 Million for Joint Project to Digitize African American History Collections at HBCUs

Harvard pledged $6 million to finance a project between Harvard Library and the HBCU Library Alliance that will digitize and preserve African American history collections held at historically Black colleges and universities, the University’s library system announced Wednesday morning.

Lanier Appeal Hearing

‘This is Not Who My Papa Renty is’: Tamara Lanier to Publish Book About Ancestral Research on Enslaved People

Tamara K. Lanier, who is currently pursuing an emotional distress lawsuit against the University for its possession of those images, is slated to publish a book about her genealogical research and the emotional journey involved in claiming ownership of the daguerreotypes.

Harvard Divinity School
Harvard Divinity School

Husband Descended From Slave-Trading Family and Wife Whose Ancestors Were Enslaved Speak at HDS Event

Dain Perry, a descendant of the largest slave-trading family in U.S. history, and Constance R. Perry, whose ancestors were enslaved, discussed reparations and the legacy of slavery at a Monday Harvard Divinity School webinar.

Harvard Divinity School

Harvard Divinity School Professor Discusses Religion and the Movement for Reparations at HDS Webinar

Harvard Divinity School professor of African American Religious Studies Terrence L. Johnson discussed changing the conversation around reparations in a virtual lecture Monday evening.

Bacow Simmons Praire View A&M University President's Medal

Ruth Simmons Named Senior Adviser to the President of Harvard on Engagement with HBCUs

Harvard University President Lawrence S. Bacow will appoint outgoing Prairie View A&M University President Ruth J. Simmons as a senior adviser to the president of Harvard on engagement with historically Black colleges and universities, the school announced Monday morning.

Winthrop Denaming Demonstration Speakers

Harvard Students Demonstrate for Denaming in Winthrop House Dining Hall, Citing Ties to Slavery

Harvard students led a demonstration in Winthrop House’s dining hall to push for the house’s denaming during dinner on Sunday, citing both John Winthrops’ ties to slavery.

HLOS - Winthrop

Harvard Students Circulate Petition Calling for Denaming of Winthrop House, Named After Slaveowners

Almost a year after Harvard released a landmark report detailing the University’s ties to slavery, student activists are calling for the denaming of Winthrop House.