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Adams Inn

Harvard Adams Residents Express Monthslong Frustration With Security After Theft

Adams House residents blamed lax security for the theft of more than $8,000 worth of possessions from a Randolph Hall dorm on Saturday night, pointing to unaddressed reports about a malfunctioning gate that has remained unremedied since the renovated building opened in July.

Cambridge Police Car

Post-Faisal Report Recommends Cambridge Police Create Special Investigative Body

The Police Execution Research Forum recommended the Cambridge Police Department establish “a special investigative body” and have police respond to some calls jointly with mental health professionals in a report following the police killing of 20-year-old Sayed Faisal.

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream
Food and Drink

Here’s the Scoop: Van Leeuwen’s to Open in Harvard Square

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream will look to be the cherry on top of ice cream selections in Harvard Square as it is set to open a Cambridge location in the near future.

Protesters and Counter-Protesters Outside Sinclair

Sinclair Staff Boycott, Protest Concert by Israeli Artist Ishay Ribo

Staff at The Sinclair, a Cambridge concert venue, boycotted a concert in support of Israel by Israeli artist Ishay Ribo and protested outside the venue Tuesday night, joined by dozens of Boston and Cambridge residents and several Harvard affiliates.

Jewish Students Scrut Front Cover Graphic

‘And Then The Politics Came Into It’: Evolving Jewish Community Spaces at Harvard

While political tensions are pervasive to many, and dictate the actions of some, many Jewish students have remained united by the recognition of a common identity with some of those they disagree with, and an aspiration for mutual understanding.

Peabody Terrace

Residents at Harvard-Owned Apartment Complex Resort to ‘Self-Policing’ Amid Increased Theft

Residents at Peabody Terrace — a Harvard-owned apartment complex — alleged Harvard University police have not done enough to address a pattern of property theft in the area, leading residents to find alternative solutions to secure their packages.

Cambridge Community Safety Department

Cambridge Unarmed Emergency Response Team to Launch in March

The Cambridge Safety Department’s unarmed emergency response team will launch in March after months of training, the director of the department Liz M. Speakman said at a Cambridge City Council meeting Monday evening.

Cambridge Police Car

Cambridge Police Department Warns of Increased Housebreaks

The Cambridge Police Department warned of an “emerging pattern of housebreaks” and provided crime prevention and safety tips in a citywide alert sent on Friday.

Scooters Science Center

‘I Just Want My Scooter Back’: Scooter Thefts Soar at Harvard

Electric scooter and bike thefts at Harvard have surged over the past two years.

Cambridge City Hall Tower
City Politics

Cambridge Police Alternative HEART ‘Baffled’ Over Contract Delays

After more than a year of negotiations with Cambridge city leadership, the Holistic Emergency Alternative Response Team remains puzzled by the lack of progress in contract negotiations with the city.

Cambridge Police Car

Hearings for Suspected Customers of Cambridge Brothel Will Be Public

Hearings on whether there is probable cause to criminally charge alleged customers of a high-end brothel — including professors and elected officials — must be held in public, the Supreme Judicial Court of Suffolk County ruled Friday.

Cambridge Police Department  Faisal Protest

Cambridge Police Officer Charged With Illegally Sharing Records, Storing Firearms

Lucas Harney, a Cambridge Police officer who has worked in the department for seven years, is facing charges of illegally distributing criminal record information and storing firearms improperly.

Wasserstein Hall

Bomb Threat at Harvard Law School on Sunday Marks Seventh in 2 Months

The Harvard University Police Department and Cambridge Police responded to a bomb threat at Harvard Law School on Sunday night, amid numerous bomb threats reported to the department in the past two months.

Science Center Plaza Evacuated Thursday Afternoon

Man Arrested for Planting Fake Bomb at Harvard to Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Charge

William A. Giordani, a New Hampshire man arrested for planting a fake bomb on Harvard’s campus, is scheduled to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge in a hearing Wednesday as part of a plea agreement, according to a Thursday legal filing.

President Gay Interview
Central Administration

Harvard President Claudine Gay Plagued by Plagiarism Allegations in the Tumultuous Final Weeks of Tenure

Growing plagiarism allegations plagued the final weeks of former Harvard President Claudine Gay’s tenure, setting the stage for her resignation Tuesday afternoon.