More Evidence for Hauser's Scientific Misconduct

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith has publicly confirmed that psychology professor Marc D. Hauser is responsible for eight instances of scientific misconduct in his laboratory. Although the dean did not specify what exactly Hauser’s fate will be now, Smith did say that the University will definitely be imposing sanctions on Hauser, who is now on a year-long leave of absence.


Harvard Professor Takes Leave of Absence after Internal Investigation

Harvard psychology professor Marc D. Hauser has taken a year-long leave of absence after University officials found evidence of scientific misconduct in his laboratory, the Boston Globe reported.



Harvard in the World

'Justice' Makes It to Japan

Professor Michael J. Sandel's popular course "Justice" has been made into a Japanese program, and it's proving to be quite popular.


What To Read This Summer

We here at Flyby asked some of Harvard's brightest minds for summer reading recommendations. Here's what they suggested.


Faculty 2.0: Revitalizing the Face of the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has devoted itself to establishing the young, dynamic, multicultural faculty of the future.


Stretch Marks

Since its establishment as an independent institution in 2007, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has undergone phenomenal growth, with a nearly 37 percent rise in undergraduate concentrators in the past three years.


The Centralization of FAS

But even as Smith successfully trims a daunting budget deficit, his approach has struck a nervous chord among faculty members who benefit from the incongruent academic and spending methods of the school. Led by affiliates of some of the traditionally independent FAS centers, they have voiced concerns that an overarching financial mission could intrude into their own academic priorities.


Anomaly at Harvard?

In the most competitive year for humanities graduate students entering the field of academia since the Modern Language Association began tracking academic job trends 35 years ago, some administrators maintain that students in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences are an anomaly to the grim national picture.


Casting Numbers Aside

Few people in the world understand Scottish Gaelic. Even fewer enrolled in Celtic 131, “Intermediate Scottish Gaelic” at Harvard this past semester.

Social Sciences Division

Advising Woes

Only a handful of students typically approach economics concentration adviser Jonathan V. Hall ’06 in the days before the deadline for handing in completed study cards.

Sciences Division


Prof Cribs

Professor Cribs: Dr. Andrew Berry




12 Questions with Alison Simmons

In this series, we ask people around campus the same set of 12 questions. Want to suggest an interviewee? Leave a comment or e-mail us at ALISON SIMMONS, Samuel H. Wolcott Professor of Philosophy