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Veteran Screenwriter’s Hollywood ‘Notebook’ Sparkles

Jeremy Leven really doesn’t have to be so nice. For starters, he looks a decade younger than his 60 years.

Eugenesis Transforms a Childhood Classic

Bowing to political pressure, a city commander prepares to downsize his troops and head back into the frontlines. Elsewhere, peacekeepers

Food and Drink

New Music

Infiltrate.Rebuild.Destroy CKY (Island/Def Jam) They are the ambassadors of anguish, the avatars of angst. And with Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild, their first album


Hank Makes a Stunning Debut

Adolescence can be particularly trying, though not half as trying as reading about it. Numerous flawed coming-of-age tales litter bargain

The Making of Hank

Headmaster, lawyer, sergeant, and first-time author Arch Montgomery graciously consented to an interview with the Harvard Crimson regarding his debut


Excerpts From an Interview With Author of 'Hank'

From 1991-2001, Arch Montgomery was the Headmaster for the Gilman School, Baltimore’s prestigious boys academy. THC: How did you get


Arnold Schwarzenegger: Terminated

Most of you have heard his name. Some of you can even spell it. He’s a man short on talk



Bad Dreams Swollen Members Swollen Members—it sounds like it might be a Tenacious D-esque musical comedy team. Yet, while their


The King of Pop Returns

By Marcus L. Wang Crimson Staff Writer Once upon a time, there was a boy who rose from poverty to


'One' Singular Sensation

The best movies are those that make you think, make you feel, make you so much a part of their


He's Back?

The man was Bad. The man was Dangerous. And in the blink of a surgically-altered eye, the man was also

Mather Senior Tutor To Take Leave

Rena Fonseca, the Allston Burr Senior Tutor in Mather House, has announced she will go on leave from August 2001

‘Driven’: The Legend of Speed

Near the end of the grand championship race, former champ Joe Tanto (Sylvester Stallone) suddenly pulls into the lead, easily

Boston Rock City

Beantown has historically been a hotbed of musical talent, ranging from Aerosmith to the Mighty Mighty Bosstones—and let’s not forget

Cruising The 'Skyline' In Style

Once upon a time, the Hong Kong film industry was one of the busiest and brightest spots for cinema in