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"Once Upon a Hollywood" Still

Is It Time for Quentin Tarantino to Hang Up the Towel?

Quentin Tarantino’s cinematic reign may be coming to an end.

"Pi" Film Still

“Pi: 25th Anniversary Re-Release” Review: Insanity or Genius?

When the rights to “Pi” reverted back to Aronofsky this year, A24, the production company behind “The Whale,” set out to re-release Aronofsky's mathematics-obsessed debut on Pi Day.

Poster of 'Cocaine Bear'

“Cocaine Bear” Review: An Up to Snuff Blockbuster Revival

While “Cocaine Bear” does not carry the same weight as a Spielberg narrative, it transforms what could be a one-note concept into something wholly itself.

Marvel Studios Tombstone

The Marvel Movie Crash of 2023

To say Marvel movies are dead would be an overstatement. To say, at their current rate, that Marvel movies are dying, would not.