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Student Life

HUHS Saw Fewer Virtual Appointments, Mental Health Visits in FY 2023

Harvard University Health Services reported a decrease in the number of virtual patient visits in the 2023 fiscal year compared to 2022, according to the healthcare provider’s annual report published Wednesday.

Student Life

HUHS Director Nguyen Says No Additional Mandates Despite Campus Spike in Illnesses

Harvard University Health Services Director Giang T. Nguyen warned students about high rates of respiratory illnesses on campus, but said there are no plans to mandate additional booster shots.

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Student Life

Harvard Students Grapple With Rising Rates of Respiratory Illness on Campus

As the spring semester kicks into high gear, Harvard students struggled to deal with a surge of respiratory illnesses on campus.

Student Life

Harvard University Health Services Warns Students About Spike in Respiratory Illness

Harvard University Health Services leadership warned affiliates to exercise additional caution amid rising cases of respiratory illness in an email to Harvard affiliates on Tuesday.


HUHS Removes Mental Health Care Visit Limits for Student Health

Harvard University Health Services announced on Monday it would remove visit limits for outpatient mental health care and medical consultations under Harvard’s student health insurance plan.

Engineering Yard
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Renowned Computer Scientist Yoshua Bengio Talks Suggestions for Improving AI Safety

Yoshua Bengio, a prominent computer scientist who is widely regarded as one of the “Godfathers of AI,” discussed how increased computing power can be harnessed to improve aspects of artificial intelligence safety at a Monday afternoon webinar.

Kempner Institute

Harvard’s Kempner Institute Expands Academic Computing Cluster, Adds Nearly 400 GPUs

Harvard’s Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence purchased nearly 400 advanced graphics processing units last month to bolster its computational cluster, particularly for training generative AI models.

HSA Office

Harvard-Affiliated VC Firm Xfund Names Three Student Startup Winners of $100,000 Grants

Xfund, a Harvard-affiliated venture capital firm, recently unveiled three recipients of $100,000 grants, aimed to help founders develop their companies and choose non-traditional career paths.

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Harvard IT Launches Pilot of AI Sandbox to Enable ‘Walled-Off’ Use of Large Language Models

Harvard University Information Technology began a limited rollout of the pilot version of its artificial intelligence “sandbox” tool on Sept. 4, with the aim of providing Harvard affiliates with secure access to large language models.

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AI Model Based on Harvard President Gay Allegedly Included Instructions Invoking Racist Stereotypes

ClaudineGPT, a generative artificial intelligence language model based on University President Claudine Gay, used instructions invoking racist stereotypes, the AI Safety Student Team alleged in an email to the model’s creators.

Harvard Business School Crest

Harvard Business School Partners with BCG on AI Productivity Study

A recent Harvard Business School study found that artificial intelligence tools increase worker productivity and accuracy on certain tasks but have a countervailing effect on other similarly-difficult tasks outside a certain “technological frontier.”

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO and Chairman of Google

Former CEO and Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt Talks AI in National Security at Harvard IOP

Former Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt discussed the future of artificial intelligence in national security at a Harvard Institute of Politics forum Wednesday evening.

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‘Struggling to Keep Up’: Harvard Students and Faculty Grapple with Impact of Generative AI in Classrooms

From evolving syllabi to entirely new course offerings, Harvard’s classrooms are adapting in real time to the widespread impact of ChatGPT and other generative artificial intelligence tools.

Science and Engineering Complex

Google DeepMind Researcher Discusses Emergence of Reasoning in AI at Harvard ML Foundations Talk

Google researcher Denny Zhou discussed the emergence of reasoning in Large Language Models in a Harvard Machine Learning Foundations talk Friday afternoon at the Science and Engineering Complex in Allston.

Discovering Crescent Moon Cover

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Oge C. Ogbogu ’24

Driven by her passion for creating positive change in the lives of children affected by sickle-cell anemia, Ogbogu aims to continue exploring the intersection between medicine and storytelling