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HPC x Signet Art Show Image
On Campus

Psychedelics Club Art Show: A Space for Creativity for Its Own Sake

The art show has become a cornerstone of the Psychedelics Club community, and creates a new space for the Harvard student body.

Pharrell and Travis Scott "Down in Atlanta" Image

Travis Scott and Pharell Williams’ 'Down in Atlanta' is Fun Yet Unambitious

“Down in Atlanta” is a high-quality single, but it isn’t a good sign for fans who hope to see a return to Travis Scott’s heights of musical ambition and originality.


‘The Peripheral’ Premiere Review: An Intriguing but Overly Ambitious Sci-Fi Adventure

The pilot of “The Peripheral” attracts viewers into a vibrant and action-packed world and introduces the show effectively, leaving questions that feel important and pressing.

Peabody Museum

An Argument for Returning the Benin Bronzes at Harvard

An entire 47 works of the so-called “Benin Bronzes” at Harvard are part of its colonial legacy.

JID Money Music Video

Music Video Breakdown: ‘Money’ Adds Depth to JID's Catalog

The “Money” music video layers meaning on top of the song's nostalgic mood and underlying focus on parental neglect and drug abuse, creating an emotionally affecting and beautiful narrative that makes the already poignant song even more captivating.