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On Campus

Artist Profile: Max Scherr ’21 Navigates the Industry as a Young Filmmaker

The film industry is notoriously hard to break into, particularly without a connection to open the door. Yet every few years a newcomer stuns the industry with their fresh ideas and unique perspective. Recent graduate Max Scherr ’21 hopes to be the next.

'Fresh' Movie Poster

‘Fresh’ Review: Mimi Cave’s Directorial Debut Sinks Its Teeth Into The Dark Underbelly of Modern Dating

Cave toes the line of comedy and horror with a deft hand in her captivating first feature film.

Brady During the 2021 Season

What The Hell Happened: Tom Brady is Back?

Tom Brady retired on Feb. 1, 2022, with much fanfare and mourning. Only 40 days later, Brady changed his mind.

Olympics Still

Winter Olympics: Top Five Looks from the Opening Ceremonies

The best uniforms combine it all: trends, patriotism, creativity, and function. Here are our top five picks for Olympic uniforms from the Opening Ceremony.