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Alex Fogel 1
Fifteen Superlative Seniors

Most Likely to Survive the Hunger Games: Alexandra Fogel

In this hypothetical fight to the death, Fogel considers her greatest strength her ability to outlast rather than overpower.

Peter Der Manuelian
Fifteen Questions

Fifteen Questions: Peter Der Manuelian on Ancient Egypt, 3D Technology, and Indiana Jones

The Egyptologist sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss using modern technology to study ancient societies. “With a judicious blend of old and new, you can tell some pretty rich stories,” he says.

Winthrop Gate 2021

A Senior’s River Run

Ever since I got to Harvard, I’ve wanted to make my time as “normal” as possible to correct for the abnormality in my path to this institution.

NTT Scrut

Working with the End in Sight

Harvard's non-tenure-track faculty must balance their teaching, research, and personal obligations for lower pay, fewer benefits, and less respect than their tenure-track colleagues — all the while knowing that regardless of these efforts, they’ll be forced to leave the University in a few short years.

Advice for Josh

Advice to Josh: What is Love?

February is scary for a lot of reasons: three of Taylor Swift’s exes have their birthdays this month, The Boy Scouts of America was founded back in February 1910, and Valentine’s Day exists. Between wondering why hearts don’t look like anatomical hearts and how the Datamatch algorithm works, this amorous holiday can be a confusing time for many people, but for no one more so than our cherished, forever-freshman Josh. He needs FM’s help to get to the root of what this holiday is all about. We’ve asked some of our writers to help Josh answer the age-old question: What is love?


Our Neighbor Totoro

I’ve rewatched the movie countless times over the past decade. If I had a comfort food, it would be this film. But that’s not to say I find it completely comforting. The older I grow, the less I feel like My Neighbor Totoro is a kids’ movie. Its mesmerizing surrealism can no longer hide the profound sadness of two girls missing their mother as they struggle to grow up.

The Scoop

Taking Vaccination from Needle to Chip

With a one-year grant from the federal government’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, the Wyss Institute has become one of three participants in the ImmuneChip+ Program.

Alex Corey

The Non-Tenure Track Reality of the Pandemic

Alex W. Corey is a lecturer in Harvard’s History & Literature department; however, come June they will likely be without a job and health insurance in a global pandemic.

Smoking Weed

Decoding Cannabis

Gruber noticed that patients with the disorder would report using cannabis to combat feelings of depression. “I thought, ‘That’s really interesting — I’ve never heard that before,’” she recalls. She secured a grant in 2008 to study the effects of cannabis on people with bipolar disorder.

Aphrodite Project Graphic
The Scoop

Love at First Match

Can an algorithm designed by college students help you find the one?

Novel Kitchen
Around Town

A Novel Kitchen for Novel Times

“Novel” describes The Novel Kitchen in multiple ways: its location, its menu, and especially its birth amid a pandemic. The no-cook eatery — it will only serve prepared, rather than cooked, food — is set to open this month in the Brookline Booksmith.

Trisha N. Prabhu

ReThinking Cyberbullying

After some digging, Prabhu found that social media sites mostly relied on victims to block cyberbullies and tell an adult. But what if she targeted the root of the issue?

The Scoop

Taking the Gavel Online

This year, Harvard Model UN and Harvard Model Congress conferences have gone virtual. The gavel will be replaced by the mute button, and all messages to the cute Lithuania delegate will be sent via Zoom DM.