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Crimson Unclear: Anxiety and Confusion in the Wake of Harvard’s Covid-19 Restriction Rollback

In 2023, there are still continued logistical challenges that Harvard affiliates face back on campus, but the minimization of these challenges — and of the pandemic itself — has created uncertainty, confusion, and continued disruption of many students’ experiences at Harvard.

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At Harvard, Psychedelic Drugs' Tentative Renaissance

In the early 1960s, the Harvard Psilocybin Project made national headlines for its unethical research methods and controversial leader, psychologist Timothy F. Leary. Now, sixty years after Leary's departure, Harvard is again part of the conversation around the future of psychedelics. From research in the lab to conversations among the student body, psychedelics are making a tentative yet undeniable renaissance on campus — a renaissance conscious of Harvard’s checkered history with the substances, yet working to move beyond it.

liz hoveland '22

Quarantined While Queer: BGLTQ Student Support During the Pandemic

As BGLTQ students returned home during the pandemic, they confronted environments hostile to their identities — while also reflecting on how Harvard fell short, both on campus and off.

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Autism, Art, and Advocacy: A Conversation With Royal Portraitist Nina Skov Jensen

When Jensen began to draw, she was an amateur. Her first foray into the art world was a “completely unrecognizable” drawing of Beyoncé. From there, Jensen “just started drawing more and more.” As she worked to get better, she sought recognition from the subjects of her painting, often traveling from her home in Denmark to London to meet actors during their movie premieres.

Ted J. Kaptchuk

Harvard Placebo Expert Ted Kaptchuk on Deception, Expectations, and Hope

According to Kaptchuk, countless studies utilize placebo controls, but those only provide information about the placebo response compared to the actual treatment. There are very few studies on the placebo effect, which compares the results of those treated with the placebo with those who received neither treatment nor a placebo.

Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding

The Complicated Prophet of the Pandemic

More than a year after his controversial tweet warning of "thermonuclear pandemic level" threat, Feigl-Ding, to some, seems like something of a prophet.

Op Eds

To President Bacow, From the Class of 2024

We would like to respectfully express our desire that the Harvard 2020-2021 fall semester be postponed rather than held online.