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Flyby’s Midterm Szn 2021 Playlist

Mindlessly scrolling in Lamont instead of studying for that latest midterm? No worries! Check out our latest midterms playlist for the chill bops you need to drown out the Quizlet flashcards repeating in your head.

Wellness Day Dog

Flyby’s Wellness Day Playlist

So Wellness Days aren't *quite* what we've all hoped for, but we've got all the hot tunes to at least make things slightly more enjoyable!

Signs of Summer
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What To Pack: Coronavirus-Specific Edition

You’ve completed your COVID-19 training, compiled a list of courses to take this semester (kind of?), and hauled out your suitcase from the back of your closet. Aside from the usual things to bring, however, the current season demands a few precautionary items. Here are five extra commodities to bring with your favorite pair of jeans that you’ve worn since the tenth grade! Don’t bring any “I Took CS-50” shirts. Please, the world begs you.

Wavin' Flag

Flyby's Official 2020 Housing Day Video Ranking

Without further introduction, here are the rankings for the 2020 housing day videos.

Why I Declared

Why I Declared 2019: Humanities

To get some perspective on concentration declaration, we asked Flyby sophomores studying the humanities why they declared.

Roving Reporter: Halloween at Harvard Edition
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Roving Reporter: Halloween at Harvard Edition

We went around asking students about some of the spookiest things at Harvard in honor of Halloween — check it out!

The Science of Happiness
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Love it or Hate it: No-Laptop Policies

What do you think of no-laptop policies? Check out our love it or hate it and get both sides.

Activities Fair
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Why No One's Interested in Your Club

For the sake of the prospective compers who are just dying to discover their new passion, selling your club correctly is a must; they might just grow to love it!

The Arctic Monkeys

For the Love of Lyricism

Though many habitually turn to pop, listeners who are searching for a meaningful, original love song should put familiarity and catchiness aside. Instead, lyrics can inspire emotion and reflection.

Charles Sunset
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Six Ways You Can Prepare for the Fall Semester

Fall semester is closer than you think. Whether you're excited to get going or dreading the start of classes, here are some ways to ease the transition.

Tutor Avik

Tutors: What Advice Do You Have For The Parting Seniors?

Flyby emailed resident tutors from across campus asking for their advice for graduating seniors.

Freshman Shirts

Seniors, What Would You Tell Your Freshman Self?

We emailed a handful of graduating seniors asking them what advice they would give to their freshmen selves.

Music as memory

Harvard Freshman Year (2015) Throwback Playlist

Uncover some long lost memories from your first year at Harvard with an old playlist filled with some classic 2015 songs.

Graduates in Tercentary Theatre

Commencement Do’s and Don’ts

Before you head to commencement, here a few do's and don'ts for the special day!

For Sale

The 8 Weirdest Things from This Year’s Harvard Senior Sales

Here are some of the weirdest items that have been put up for sale by seniors during this senior sales season.