{shortcode-b67a04bf7397343f20572bdcdbcd054275b18c5e}Wondering why there were only three freshmen at the second meeting of that beloved extracurricular you’re on the board of? Well, here’s the thing: No one was convincing at that crucial intro meeting. As a former freshman who attended no fewer than seven intro club meetings (read: easily swayed by fairs), I’ve picked up some good tips on what works at an intro meeting and what doesn’t.

Snacks That Are Actually Good

Yes, it’s true that most intro meetings have some kind of food to lure people in, but chances are they won’t be interested if all you offer is half a bag of veggie sticks, mushy grapes, and that weird peppered popcorn. Generally speaking, a safe bet includes Insomnia Cookies and perhaps something cheese-flavored. Keep in mind — the more the merrier!

An Energetic Presenter

If you’re not convinced that this extracurricular is fun, interesting, and personally impactful, then odds are no one else will be. Even if you use someone who’s only been a member for a semester, an energetic presenter who can sell their passion and pride for the club’s community will convince prospective compers to try it out too.

A Clear Next Step

Before compers walk out that door, make sure they know when the next meeting is and what people should bring. Otherwise, they might not make it back. It also doesn’t hurt to send a follow up email before the first meeting.

A Rundown on Future Meetings

So, what does your club actually do? People often leave intro meetings barely understanding what the club really does during a normal meetup in November. Make sure to convey what type of collaboration goes on, what the general expectations are, or why they’re required to bring three juggling balls.

Sell It!

I’m not saying you need to cover every inch of campus with obnoxiously bright flyers, but advertising in imaginative ways or placing flyers in strategic places can really go a long way. Remember, motivating your future club president to comp is the first step.

For the sake of the prospective compers who are just dying to discover their new passion, selling your club correctly is a must; they might just grow to love it!