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"The Magic Mountain" Cover

It’s Time to Revisit ‘The Magic Mountain’

Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain” gives a voice to those who are on uncertain terms with time itself.

"Piranesi" cover art

‘Piranesi’ is a Beautifully Infinite Quarantine

Piranesi’s predicament parallels Clarke’s own battles with fatigue. His struggle is hers: reaching to break free of a seemingly endless rabbit hole.

"There Is No Year" Album Cover

‘There Is No Year’ is Prescient Protest Art

“There Is No Year” deserves to be recognized as one of the most important albums of recent memory, the protest art the country needs to hear.

"Deacon King Kong" cover art

‘Deacon King Kong’ Preaches Righteousness and Hope

In the face of alarming structural and personal trauma, “Deacon King Kong” is undeniably human and life-affirming.

The Album Cover for Tame Impala's "The Slow Rush"

Tame Impala Focus Hard on ‘The Slow Rush’

In the end, “The Slow Rush” is a record about focus — which, unfortunately, is required to fully imbibe what Parker has to offer.

Jack M. Schroeder

Arts Vanity: I Don’t Care What You Think, Russell Crowe Was Perfect in ‘Les Misérables’

There’s one thought I have that’s entirely my own, though, and it’s a pretty unpopular one: Russell Crowe was a terrific Javert.


From ‘iMi’ to ‘We’: Bon Iver Preaches Pluralism at TD Garden

The band used a sound system called L-ISA that created a stereo sound throughout the arena, allowing the audience to distinctly hear where each sound on the stage came from.

Kanye West runaway

Kanye West’s Albums, Ranked

In celebration of the release of Kanye West’s newest album, “Jesus Is King,” we’re taking a look back at the artist’s prolific career.

October Still

The October-ocity of Purported ‘October Songs’

A cursory Spotify search yields next to nothing for October. Why no love for the tenth month?

Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men Fight Darkness with Melody

As pop music continues to get moodier (see: Post Malone, Billie Eilish, Drake, and counting), some people just want to have a good time.

marina boston calling

From Boston Calling 2019: Sunday Sound Bites

Hits like “Primadonna” and Clean Bandit’s “Baby,” on which she is featured, were exciting to see performed live, but the highly edited, quickly changing nature imagery on the background display made little sense with her costume, dance, and overall stage.

logic boston calling

From Boston Calling 2019: Joyner Lucas Couldn’t Save Logic

It was utterly disgraceful how Logic could be so openly hostile with his crowd and still seek exorbitant praise.

tame impala boston calling

From Boston Calling 2019: Integrating Old and New with Tame Impala

At Boston Calling, Tame Impala’s slowly changing but still recognizable Saturday night set was nothing short of breathtaking.

big red machine

From Boston Calling 2019: Big Red Machine Are Who They Are

Those aspects exist in Big Red Machine, but its unifying sonic theme is that there is no real theme, that different sounds will come together and interact in new ways.

chvrches boston calling

From Boston Calling 2019: CHVRCHES Rise Above the Fray

Mayberry’s electrifying vocals and the band’s refusal to sink into the shadows contributed to a heartfelt and impressive set.