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UC Education Committee Hopes to Tackle Expensive Textbooks

The Undergraduate Council’s Education Committee hopes to combat high textbook costs this semester through several new student and faculty initiatives.


Four Graduate Schools Join my.harvard Student Portal

Four graduate schools joined the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Harvard Divinity School on my.harvard, the University’s online student information system, this fall.

Central Administration

Undergrads Uncertain About Unionization

Harvard’s undergraduate teaching assistants have hardly considered unionizing, let alone considered the implications of the NLRB ruling.

Course Enrollment Graph Fall 2016

Ec. Surpasses Computer Science in College’s Fall Enrollment

In the battle for Harvard undergraduates, enrollment numbers from this semester may show Wall Street still has clout over Silicon Valley.


Students Express Confusion, Approval in Ged Ed Program Changes

​As shopping week comes to a close, some students said they were still unclear how Gen Ed changes applied to them.

Shopping Ec10

Crowded Classrooms Signal Start of Shopping Period

A number of courses were packed with students Wednesday as the College's fall shopping period kicked off.

Harvard Square

After Low Turnout, Coop Board Moves to Application

​After years of low voter turnouts during its board elections of student representatives, the Harvard Coop changed its board recruitment process last year from open elections to formal applications.


Radcliffe Fellow Labels Problems with Chicago Police Systemic

Associate professor of African and African American studies Laurence A. Ralph argued that treating cases of the police using extralegal force as isolated problems can lead to less accountability.

Wifi Woes

HUIT Sees No Evidence of Wide-Ranging Wi-Fi Disruptions

While students said they have noticed sporadic Wi-Fi disconnections in recent weeks which have caused concern, the Harvard University Information Technology office has seen no evidence of wide-ranging disruptions.

Eliot House Escape the Room

Eliot Students Invite Harvard to 'Escape the Room'

​While many Harvard students feel the need to escape the pressures of academic life, they can now try their hand at escaping a room full of puzzles in the basement of Eliot House.

The Yard, Today.

Dear Spring: It’s a Quarter Into 2016, I’m a Little Pale, and I Need You Now

That’s right, Boston got you again. After a few days of spring weather last week, I think we all expected that the little frost emoji on the weather forecast for Sunday was a joke. I guess the bipolar nature of New England weather can never be underestimated.


Scholar Addresses Canada's Global Role

​Stephen J Toope ’79, current Director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto, spoke about ways that Canada could become more engaged in global affairs this Monday at a seminar organized by the Canada Program of the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.


Theses Submitted, Seniors Excited to Leave the Library

Members of the Class of 2016 who submitted their senior theses said they are looking forward to spending their newfound free time away from libraries and looming deadlines.


Colleagues Remember Philip A. Kuhn As Mentor and Scholar

Former students and colleagues remembered Philip A. Kuhn ’54, once director of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and professor of History and East Asian Languages, for his contributions to Chinese studies and mentorship of graduate students.