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Graham W. Bishai is an Associate News Editor for the 145th guard. He can be reached at

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The Clubhouse of the Fly
Final Clubs

As Sanctions Remain, So Does Resistance From Single-Gender Groups

The Corporation's new stamp of approval on the sanctions did little to sway long-time critics of the policy.

Dean Harris
College Administration

Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay Harris to Step Down

​Dean of Undergraduate Education Jay M. Harris will step down at the end of the academic year after almost a decade in one of the College’s top administrative position.

Student Life

Military Takeover Stokes Uncertainty For Zimbabwean Students

“My mom had to tell me to go to sleep,” Muradzikwa said. “I was awake until around 4 a.m. trying to keep up to date with the rally that was going on. And my mom was like, ‘no, you need to sleep.’”


'Okay to be White' Stickers Crop Up at Harvard, Around Country

​More than a dozen handmade stickers reading “It’s okay to be white” surfaced around Harvard Square Wednesday, prompting a Harvard Law School Dean to denounce them.

Harvery Weinstein
Front Feature

Harvard to Rescind Harvey Weinstein's Du Bois Medal

Harvard will rescind the W.E.B Du Bois medal awarded to Harvey Weinstein, a movie executive whom more than 40 women have accused of sexual harassment and abuse.

Dunster House Dining Hall

A Social Blueprint: Harvard's Houses, From Randomization to Renewal

Amid campus-wide debate on Harvard’s social landscape, some hope that the time is ripe to breathe life into a tired social scene stifled by a socially fractured student body.

Elmendorf Announces CIA Director's No-Show

Manning Meets With Students In Low-Profile, Off-Campus Event

The IOP may have stripped Chelsea Manning of her visiting fellowship, but that did not stop her from coming to Cambridge and meeting with Harvard students.

Elmendorf Announces CIA Director's No-Show

Kennedy School Reassessing 'Fellow' Title Following Manning Controversy

After facing widespread criticism for inviting and disinviting Chelsea Manning as a visiting fellow this month, the Kennedy School has decided to reassess how it uses that term.

Institute of Politics

Alumni Call on IOP to Drop Lewandowski and Spicer

More than 600 Harvard alumni have signed an open letter calling on the IOP to retract its fellowships for Corey Lewandowski and Sean Spicer.

Institute of Politics

Outcry After Chelsea Manning Dropped from IOP Fellowship

Critics on campus and across the country castigated the Kennedy School for rescinding Chelsea Manning's appointment as a visiting fellow.

Student Involvement Fair

OSL Places Over 50 Student Groups on Probation

Being on probation removes a group’s eligibility to apply for grant funding from the UC and prevents club members from reserving on-campus spaces.

Spee Club Punch Event

Spee Club Punch Event

Sophomore men and women stand outside the clubhouse of the Spee Wednesday evening, before the group's first punch event.

Elmendorf Announces CIA Director's No-Show

After Backlash, Kennedy School Withdraws Manning's Fellowship

The Dean of the Kennedy School of Government withdrew Chelsea Manning’s invitation to serve as a visiting fellow this semester, calling her appointment “a mistake.”

Front Feature

CIA Director Cancels IOP Appearance After Manning Appointment

“Ms. Manning stands against everything the brave men and women I serve alongside stand for,” Pompeo wrote in a statement.

Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma May Close in Response to Sanctions

Harvard’s chapter of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority could shut down if the College goes through with its sanctions penalizing members in single-gender social groups.