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Marco A. Torres '17

I Read A Lot

In middle school I had a free period during my second hour, and so I applied to become a library assistant.


Daisy Chain: Books

FM asked the following seniors about their favorite books and genres, the novels they’re excited to read, and the works they wish they had time to learn more about. Each recommended a bookshelf they admired, and we followed the extensive trail.

House Life

The History of Harvard Housing

Over the years, Harvard's housing has drastically changed. With Housing Day coming up, here's a look a back at the biggest events in Harvard housing history.

The Creator of IVY
Student Groups

Behind The Scenes of "IVY"

A fashionably disheveled student, beanie and all, saunters through the door and slumps down into a chair across from a serious-looking blonde girl. He apologizes for his tardiness as he rummages through his backpack and pulls out his laptop. “Take your time,” she responds, in a voice that’s simultaneously understanding and agitated.

J Term

J-Term Journal: Alaska

When I tell people I’m from Alaska, I get a variety of responses from “You must get a lot of snow!” to “Doesn’t it get dark there all the time?” to “Do you have penguins?”. I’m not kidding about these. I’ve heard them all, and more. Alaska has such a distinct character that most people feel they’re well acquainted with the “Last Frontier.” Unfortunately, this acquaintance often seems to stem from a regrettable combination of Sarah Palin and TLC.

Blitzstein vs. Elkies Chess Game

Chess with Blitzstein & Elkies: The Pawn is Mightier than the Sword

Both Blitzstein and Elkies are known to be terrific chess players. Blitzstein is ranked as an “Expert” by the US Chess Federation, placing him in the 98th percentile of tournament players. Elkies is ranked even one step higher as a “Master,” and specializes in solving and composing chess problems. Both have been playing chess for as long as they can remember, but the serious mathematicians have found it difficult to find time for their favorite game at Harvard. FM asked the two to revive their passion for a quick match of speed chess.

Retrospection: Freshmen Union
On Campus

The Smith Campus Center and the Ghost of the Harvard Union

At the turn of the 20th century, the Harvard Union was built to provide a club for social purposes open to all Harvard University students; the space was meant to unify a social scene that seemed to be primarily run solely by final clubs and other “elite” institutions.

Harvard Architecture: Johnston Gate

Fun Facts: Harvard Architecture

The buildings on Harvard’s campus that feature “brutalist” architecture, such as Canaday Hall, were not actually designed to thwart student rioting as rumor suggests. On the contrary, brutalist buildings were meant to oppose repression and control, therefore promoting high culture.

Harvard in the City

Locked Away: A Tour of Harvard Yard’s Neglected Gates

The first day of classes this year, I became confused when I tried to exit Canaday through the large semi-circular gates behind the dorm. The gates were locked. How odd.

On Campus

Catching Up with Harvard's Policy Debate Team