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Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy School Elects Student Government

In an election marked by a close vote, a run-off, and a campaign finance controversy, Harvard’s graduate school of government elected its new student body president.


Awards Praise Bizarre Science

The 22nd Ig Nobel Ceremony—a prize ceremony that parodies the famous Nobel Prize by celebrating not the best, but the most bizarre that science has to offer—began on Thursday night with a thirty-second paper airplane deluge.

Harvard Kennedy School

Former MIT President Joins as HKS Professor

Susan Hockfield, the first female president of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, will serve as the Marie Curie Visiting Professor at the Harvard Kennedy School this academic year, the school announced Friday.

On Campus

Harvard Students Promote Smoke-Free Graduate Housing

Two Harvard graduate students have recently launched a campaign to ban smoking in all Harvard graduate student housing.


Pillai Studies Immunology, Raps

Harvard Medical School Professor Shiv Pillai is an immunologist at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center and teaches students at both the undergraduate and graduate level. He is currently interested in autoimmune diseases, the development of the immune system, and the role of the immune system in cancer.

Security Paradox

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Discusses Security

General Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called the current state of global security one defined by a paradox in an address at the Institute of Politics Thursday night.

Israel Debate

Professors Debate Democracy in Israel

Feldman and Kennedy took on the topic of religion and democracy in Israel in response to philosopher Ronald Dworkin, who recently argued that Israel is a flawed democracy.


FDA Reviewing Caffeine Supplement AeroShot

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing the safety of AeroShot, an inhalable caffeine product manufactured by Breathable Foods, a company founded by a Harvard professor and led by a College graduate.