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‘Martha Marcy’ is a Gripping Success

With her hollow, unsettling eyes and utter lack of social graces, Elizabeth Olsen makes the effects of brainwashing believable and genuinely frightening, and consistently keeps the audience as disturbed as her character.


Newcomers Wormald and Hough Look to Break Out in ‘Footloose’ Remake

With their passion and skills to guide them, the duo thinks that they have taken a classic movie and made it important and relevant for a new generation.


For Fukunaga and Wasikowska, ‘Eyre’ is About Equality

Living up to Brontë’s iconic novel is a difficult task, something not lost on the makers of “Jane Eyre.” “Literary [adaptations] are more of a risk,” said director Fukunaga. “You just have to hope people accept your interpretation.”


‘The Town’ Explores Boston’s Darker Side

This smartly-written thriller, which is heightened by the uniformly realistic and compelling performances of its strong cast, proves that Affleck is at his best when he knows what he’s talking about.

Visual Arts

Lillian Fang ’10

Last year, Lillian M. Fang ’10 approached her thesis advisor Ruth S. Lingford with an ambitious proposal.


Jordan Reddout ’10

Though some may call Jordan A. Reddout ’10 a “late-bloomer” in musical theatrics, her enthusiasm and talent both on and off the stage have earned her the Radcliffe Doris Cohen Levi Prize


Date Night

Steve Carell and Tina Fey’s onscreen chemistry shines in the chaotic and funny story of a married suburban couple in “Date Night.”


When You're Strange

Using original footage shot between 1966 and 1971, “When You’re Strange” is a refreshing documentary in that it refrains from feeling like a nostalgic home video.

Visual Arts

Knep Links Science and Art

In a world of periodic tables and algorithms, it’s easy to forget how to let the creative juices flow.


A Mole Among Us

“She’s probably late because she’s the Mole.” “You know who would say that? The Mole.” “That’s some awfully Mole-like behavior!” Participants of Quincy House’s very own adaptation of ABC’s “The Mole”—a popular reality game show that made suspicion second nature—uttered these accusations as part of the game’s second round this past Sunday.


Leukemia May Start in Marrow

Certain blood cancers may be caused by the surrounding bone marrow in which blood is produced, according to recent findings from researchers at Harvard’s Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology department.

Tosca Dress Rehearsal 5


February 24-March 6


St. John of Las Vegas

What are the similarities between Dante Alighieri and Steve Buscemi? First time writer and director Hue Rhodes may be the only one. Loosely based on Dante’s “Inferno,” “Saint John of Las Vegas” follows a reformed gambler’s trip to his own personal “hell” as he is led on his first investigation of insurance fraud.