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1986 Divestment Student Activists
375th Anniversary

Harvard at War

On March 20, 2003, the day the United States invaded Iraq, Harvard students took to the Yard with bullhorns and pickets.


Ryan Adams Produces Lackluster Record

The problem with his latest effort “Ashes & Fire” is that in his recent two-year hiatus from recording, he seems to have forgotten all of the charisma and arrogance that made him so appealing in the first place.

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School Hosts 'Conference on the Constitutional Convention'

Approximately 400 politicians, activists, and citizens from across the political spectrum convened this weekend at Harvard Law School to discuss the contentious possibility of holding a second constitutional convention.

911 Ten Years Later

Cambridge on Pause

Erin B. Ashwell ’02 recalls that Tuesday afternoon as one rife with terror, confusion, and sadness. “I remember walking to Sever Hall…and I remember you could hear coverage of what was happening from table to table…there was certainly a lot of shock, disbelief, and anger.”


Bon Iver Expands Sonic Palette on Latest

While it may not have any one song as memorable as “Skinny Love” or “Re: Stacks,” “Bon Iver” is nonetheless one of the year’s most impressive and moving records.


Tennis Sails Away to Pop Perfection on Debut Album

A tremendously enjoyable pop album from two musicians with superb melodic sensibilities and a gift for constructing catchy hooks.

Major to Minor

Major to Minor

Given its abstract focus, how can the music department prepare its undergraduate concentrators to compete for careers in music?

On Campus

WHRB's 70th Celebrates Musical Community

The anniversary represents the strength of WHRB’s intimate community and its commitment to providing quality programming for Harvard and the greater Boston area.

Graduate School of Design

Graduate School of Design Prof. Awarded Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture

Graduate School of Design professor Michael Van Valkenburgh—who specializes in landscape architecture—will be honored this coming May with the American Academy of Arts and Letters’s 2010 Arnold W. Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture.

Lamont's New Media Lab

Lamont Opens New Multimedia Lab

Lamont Library celebrated yesterday the establishment of its new multimedia lab, which provides undergraduates with a central location to edit media projects.


HFA Series Honors the Films of Director Peter Bogdanovich

Boasting a number of famed director Peter Bogdanovich’s most beloved movies, including “Paper Moon,” “The Last Picture Show,” and “What’s Up Doc?,” the Harvard Film Archive’s (HFA) newest series, entitled “Peter Bogdanovich, Between Old and New Hollywood,” explores the director’s penchant for classic Hollywood style.


John Mayer

“Battle Studies” (Columbia) -- 4 STARS


Dashboard Confessional


Julian Casblancas

Imagine for a moment that on the lonely Friday night depicted in the Strokes’ 2003 single “12:51,” frontman Julian Casablancas ...

Much Ado About Advising in the English Department

Students arriving on Harvard’s campus this fall discovered that the University with the progressive approach to education had made several