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Parting Shot

This One’s for My Grandmothers

Everyone should have, I think, at least one saddest-happiest day, because maybe the first part of growing up is accounting for the coexistence of opposite truths.


Brooke McDowell and Peter Lifland

Brooke E. McDowell ’12 was stuck on Mount Washington in New Hampshire and she was desperately trying to text Peter H. Lifland ’10.


Elizabeth Holly and Jeff Reynolds

When Elizabeth R. Holly ’12 first saw Jeff R. Reynolds ’12, he was staring at the ceiling of Annenberg Hall.


California, You Unbroke My Heart

I was looking for a beginning. I know I was born in New York Hospital on Dec. 22, 1989, but obviously I don’t remember this or any of the things that happened before it.




Eco Reduces Historical Hatred to Tired Psychological Intrigue

Each man considers that they might be the same person, but quickly dismisses this possibility. I do not think that it spoils the book to say that they should have trusted their intuitions.


Despite Reflexive Humor, Eugenides’s Tired ‘Plot’ Disappoints

The novel lacks the formal sophistication of Eugenides’s debut, “The Virgin Suicides,” nor is the subject matter as thought-provoking as that of his second novel “Middlesex,” which explored the life of a hermaphrodite. Instead he focuses on the difficulties of being a young intellectual in love.

Transistor Radio
911 Ten Years Later

I Want You Not So Far Away From Me

It’s second period on Tuesday September 11, 2001. (Is there any way to say it without sounding melodramatic? That’s just what it was.)

Summer Postcards 2011

The Letters of Others

Something to consider: If you are important, when you die, or maybe even before, most of your papers will be gathered and separated and catalogued.


J-Term Journal: That Other Morocco

I think I expected Morocco to be rawer, more sunburned in its tones. My only previous experience of desert, never ...


Comedy Comradery: Life Lessons from Cary Grant

It’s a cliché story of childhood friendship: We were misfits. We were three girls who read too much, had awkward bodies, and liked to quote Monty Python.


Allston Residents Question Harvard's Commitment to Science Complex

At Allston Work Team Co-chair Bill Purcell’s monthly coffee hour yesterday morning, a dozen Allston residents asked if they could ever expect to see the $1 billion Science Complex Harvard had intended to build on the site and if so, when.

Harvard in the City

HBS Lab Worries Allston Residents

Allston residents expressed frustrations about feeling cut out of the planning process for Harvard’s development in the neighborhood at a Harvard-Allston Task Force Meeting last night.


Deval Patrick Reelected Mass. Governor, Wins Cambridge and Boston

Massachusetts Governor Deval L. Patrick ’78 won reelection on Tuesday night, although many of his fellow Democrats were unseated across the nation.


We Real Cool: Kiddo Stay in School

While the sexualization of young women is nothing new to the music industry, Willow Smith's latest music video, "Whip My Hair,” seems to have taken it one step too far.