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Pizza Tut

The Pizza Hut stands across from the gated Giza Pyramid complex, next to the "Beauty Perfume & Papyrus Palace."


Somebody Else's Revolution

Protests had generally been peaceful since the regime fell nearly five months before, but everyone knew that when it got late—at midnight, they said—the police came out. By that time, the women and children had left, the foreign media was less likely to be around, and darkness provided easy cover for the sort of thing no police force wants caught on tape.


Retirement Package Draws Faculty Interest

Nearly a quarter of the 176 eligible faculty members—a subset which includes some of the University’s oldest and most renowned professors—accepted a one-time retirement plan that will facilitate their departure within the next five years, the University announced yesterday.


FAS Junior Faculty is Smallest in Years

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences has experienced nearly a decade of overall faculty growth, but its subset of junior faculty has dramatically fallen in the last two years—partly due to reduced hiring in the wake of the financial crisis.

On Campus

Professors Head to Queen’s Head Post-Faculty Meeting for Open Access Week

Professors may have poured themselves a drink last night to celebrate their contributions to the online academic world.

On Campus

Dean Asserts FAS Recovery

In his annual report, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith chronicled the financial setbacks and modes of ...


English Department May Cut Library Hours

The English Department is considering closing or reducing the hours of its departmental library on Widener’s third floor in an effort to cut departmental spending.


Psychology Department Faces Hiring Woes Amid Faculty Shortage

While many departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences grew during the more financially stable years in the early 2000s—during this time, the Faculty expanded from 589 to 712 members—the psychology department’s size remained static because the department could not find physical space for incoming professors.


Faculty Notebook: Faust Defends Humanities in Wake of SUNY Albany Cuts

University President Drew G. Faust delivered a rousing defense of the humanities and institutions of higher education, drawing extended applause from the professors gathered at yesterday’s Faculty meeting.

House Life

Faculty Considers Core Priorities

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences administration has committed itself to determining its core priorities in preparation for the University’s upcoming capital campaign, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith said at yesterday’s Faculty meeting.

FAS Administration

Smith to Present FAS Fiscal Report

Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith may offer sunny news in his report on the school’s finances over the past year.


Biologist To Lead Harvard Research Arboretum

William “Ned” Friedman, an evolutionary biologist from the University of Colorado, will take charge of the Harvard-administered Arnold Arboretum at the end of the semester as the University continues efforts to consolidate its disparate research programs.


Harvard Grad School Departments Top Rankings

Harvard boasts the highest number of top-performing doctoral programs, according to a National Research Council report released yesterday.


Dean Smith Shifts FAS Focus From Budget

After leading the University’s largest school through a trying process of closing a $220 million deficit since 2008, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Dean Michael D. Smith said yesterday that he plans to focus on academic issues going forward.

Central Administration

University Expects Endowment Payout to Rise 4%

The University has advised its schools to plan for a 4 percent rise in the value of the endowment payout for the next fiscal year, marking the first yearly increase since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008.