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Free things=good things. Go to the crew intro meeting for a free athletic shirt. Go to the Barker Center Café as it’s closing for free coffee. Go to Lamont café for a free massage from your peers (apparently). Go to the laundry room for free condoms. Go to the career fair for free random shit with company logos. Go to the libraries for free pencils. Go to Mather Lather for free soap. Go to any bulletin board for free thumbtacks. Go to Lowell on Thursdays or Sparks House on Wednesdays for free tea. Go online for Freeze magazine. Go to the Democracy Center for freedom. Go to MIT for freaks. And don’t go to Harvard if you want to save money. — Charles R. Melvoin


Brain Break

Over the past five years, Harvard has granted students more than 1,000 leaves of absence.

For The Moment


Pisces Feb 19 - March 20


Chester French: "Ciroc Star"

What if Pharrell remade The Hangover, but instead of casting four actors, he got Chester French, Clinton Sparks, Jadakiss, and P Diddy to party together? And what if it wasn't a music video but actually a commercial for Diddy's vodka brand?


President Faust's #1 Fan

University President Drew G. Faust has held plenty of titles over the decades: professor, dean, bestselling author, "Chainsaw Drew." But The Drew Gilpin Faust Fan Club reminds us that she has one other, often overlooked role—celebrity. For the past two years, an anonymous critic has been making DGF sightings her mission, posting to this mock fan blog under the charged pseudonym Grimke, taken from the 19th-century intellectual Angelina Weld Grimke.


Reading the Signs

I am a Taurus. Well, that’s my sun sign. And I am addicted to astrology.

Cruisin’ with the “Boda Boda” Man

KAMPALA, Uganda — He is young, no older than 19. “My name is Yoweri,” he declares, “like the president.” I

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BALLin! FlyBy's Formal Reviews Pt. I

FlyBy donned our Sunday best every day last week while heading to each house's spring formal. Our guide to the

Barry A. Shafrin ’09

In a theater circuit where everyone is about the same age, Barry A. Shafrin ’09 is often cast in younger

Hate It: Interhouse Dining Restrictions

As a proud Radcliffe resident, I’ll be the first to say it: Quad life is rough. Roll out of bed

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Housing Day

Currier House

As Housing Day approaches, FlyBy will serve as your personal rating agency with a complete rundown by a resident of

Videos and "Harvard Bros"

Kirkland resident Abel Acuña '11 and Pforzheimer's Johnathan M. Brugal '10 may be stealing some of the limelight from Harvard

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Just Dance? Not at the CCAE

The Cambridge Center for Adult Education on Brattle Street -- familiar host to many a sketchy Harvard party -- has

Canaday, cabaret

Apparently "expos" is taking on new meaning for the class of 2012 : Fly By has discovered an eager group

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Chinua Achebe Explores Legacy After 50 Years

“The amazing thing about stories is that they, in fact, travel,” novelist Chinua Achebe explains, using the term both figuratively