University President Drew G. Faust has held plenty of titles over the decades: professor, dean, bestselling author, "Chainsaw Drew." But The Drew Gilpin Faust Fan Club reminds us that she has one other, often overlooked role—celebrity.

For the past two years, an anonymous critic has been making DGF sightings her mission, posting to this mock fan blog under the charged pseudonym Grimke, taken from the 19th-century intellectual Angelina Weld Grimke.

The blog is filled with commentary on Faust as fashion icon, sarcastic critiques of Harvard's foray into Allston, and clunky faux dialogue between Grimke-as-foil and a caricature of the Harvard president.

Ultimately, whether or not it's a worthwhile read, the Drew Gilpin Faust Fan Club is certainly a goldmine for DGF glamor shots.