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Commencement 2010

On the History and Literature of America

America was born in war, or through it, and I think it is continually defined by war: from a colony to a united states, from a house divided to a union, from a country to a world power.

For The Moment

Just The Tip

Free things=good things. Go to the crew intro meeting for a free athletic shirt. Go to the Barker Center Café as it’s closing for free coffee. Go to Lamont café for a free massage from your peers (apparently). Go to the laundry room for free condoms. Go to the career fair for free random shit with company logos. Go to the libraries for free pencils. Go to Mather Lather for free soap. Go to any bulletin board for free thumbtacks. Go to Lowell on Thursdays or Sparks House on Wednesdays for free tea. Go online for Freeze magazine. Go to the Democracy Center for freedom. Go to MIT for freaks. And don’t go to Harvard if you want to save money. — Charles R. Melvoin


A Detour in Harvard Square

<p>You know,” I said, “I’m not even sure where we are supposed to go.” Jess looked at me and shrugged. ...</p>


NEW YORK, NY – A stack of manuscripts, hundreds of them. Pages of white computer paper, formatted in that neat,

The Summer of our Discontent

NEW YORK, N.Y. — Last Saturday morning at 5:30a.m., two Vassar friends, Crimson writer Jun Li '10, and I headed

A Girl's Guide to Subway Etiquette

NEW YORK, N.Y. — When riding the subway, don't talk too loud or take up too much space or make

FM's Third Annual Fast Fashion Challenge

THE SHOW New York City may have Bryant Park, but we have The Sanctum. On Saturday night, we put the

Fast Fashion Challenge

THE SHOW New York City may have Bryant Park, but we have The Sanctum. On Saturday night, we put the

As Follows: Harvard's Next and Only Top Model

Who says all Harvard students are ugly? Susan C. Merenda ’07 set out to prove that you don’t need beer

Harvard’s Next and Only Top Model

Susan: My name is Susan. Tyra: So you are (dramatic pause) in the league of the Ivies. Susan: I am

Unnamed photo

A Tale of Two Twins

“Emily, cut it out,” my twin sister Anabel says. She puts her hands on her hips. “Seriously. Mimicking me? That

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Noah Van Niel

The Van, The Van Niel Mobile, and Wide Body–whatever you want to call him, 250-pound fullback Noah Van Niel ’08

15 Things We Wish We Had GPS...

Web-based Global Positioning Systems (GPS) were recently installed in Harvard shuttles. These babies allow students to track the shuttle’s movement

Standing Ovation

See that comic over there? He SUCS. Bet you never heard that as a compliment. But among those familiar with

Bernard M. Gwertzman '57

“I’ve always had a great fondness for Bloody Marys. But it was very hard to get tomato juice in Russia,”