Visitas Extracurricular Fair 2024

‘Home for the Next 4 Years’: Admitted Students Experience Harvard at Visitas 2024

More than 1,300 admitted students flocked to campus for Visitas — Harvard’s two-day admitted students event — this past weekend.

Visitas Students Harvard Yard

Harvard’s Leadership Appeals To Admitted Students During Visitas Weekend

Harvard invited 1,305 admitted students to its campus over the weekend as it attempts to persuade the Class of 2028 to attend a University experiencing its most tumultuous period in decades.

Student Life

Despite ‘Gloomy’ Weather, Harvard College Admits Enjoy Visitas 2023

Newly admitted students did not let rain showers dampen their spirits for Harvard College’s Visitas weekend.

will you say yes to harvard?

Will You Say Yes To Harvard?

You might think you have what it takes, but do you really? Will you make the wisest decision of your life in a week’s time? Will you open your application portal and check yes to committing? Flyby might not have a crystal ball—ours got confiscated in 2013—but answer a few questions, and we’ll give you our best (95.7% accurate) guess on whether or not Harvard’s in your future.

2023 visitas bingo!!

Visitas Bingo 2023!

Ah, Visitas. The place you’ll either meet friends for life or friends who you’ll lose to the Bulldog Days they won’t let you forget they’re attending after. Go make the most out of it and try to get Bingo!

the real 3 lies of harvard

The Real 3 Lies of Harvard

Flyby shares the real three lies of Harvard that we’ve learned over the course of our years here thus far.

gaslighting first-years

Top 10 Things All Prefrosh Absolutely Need to Know!

Congratulations on your acceptance to Harvard! We know there’s so much information to take in about our wonderful institution, and it can be overwhelming. Well, we at Flyby, being the benevolent publication that we are, have decided to make things easier for you. Here are the top 10 things you need to know about Harvard.

27 vocab words for 2027

27 Vocab Words for the Class of 2027

Welcome to Harvard, Class of 2027! As you take your first few steps on campus, there's a lot awaiting you here, and it can honestly get very confusing very quickly. Here at Flyby, we offer you an important resource: our annual breakdown of Harvard lingo for the Class of 2027!

5 apps for visitas!!

5 Essential Apps for Visitas

Ready to visit and witness firsthand the transformative experience Harvard can offer but unsure of where to start? Worry not; fitting in is as easy as downloading these five apps on your phone.

things to do not on programming

Things to Do during Visitas That Aren’t on the Programming

Dear Class of 2027, if you want the real rundown about how to spend your ~transformative~ Visitas look no further than this article! Flyby has your back on fun and realistic alternatives to simulate the Harvard experience when the scheduled programming doesn’t seem to be the move.

make the most of visitas!

Make the Most Out of Your Visitas

Visitas is most students’ first taste of Harvard life and all it has to offer, and obviously we all know the weight that first impressions hold. Here are six tips for how to make the most out of your Visitas experience! (Spoiler alert, it does NOT include Tasty Basty.)

visitas 2023 cover
Flyby Blog

Flyby Blog Presents: Guide to Visitas 2023

Flyby's Guide to Visitas 2023 is here!

don't get lost during visitas!

How to: Not Get Lost During Visitas

Visitas is an exciting yet mentally draining time. From making new friends to vibe-checking the college, your brain will be positively overstimulated. Save yourself the extra anxiety of getting lost in an unfamiliar campus by following these Flyby-approved steps.

hosting do's and don'ts

How to: Do's and Don'ts for Visitas Hosts

You signed up to host for Visitas, but how can you be the best host on campus? How do you make your prefrosh love Harvard? How do you make them commit? Here are Flyby’s dos and don’ts to accomplish all of the above and more:

online visitas :(

How to: Visit Harvard Without Visiting Harvard

So you got accepted into Harvard but can’t make it to Visitas? You’ve got nothing to worry about! There are tons of amazing resources out there that will help you get a better idea of what life at Harvard looks like. Coming from someone whose first time on campus was quite literally her move-in day, here are a few things I found useful.