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Harvard Square Restaurant Guide
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What’s New In the Square?

Harvard Square is a living, breathing, and ever-evolving organism. Shops, restaurants, and cafes come and go pretty often, and there have been (and will be) some major additions (and losses) to the heart of campus life. If you’re not sure what’s up with all the changes or what to expect in the next few months, here is your guide to what’s new in the Square.

visitas 2022 fun classes

Fun Alternatives to Sitting in Big Intro Classes

Harvard has so many cool departments and funky classes that you can take during your time here. And, exploring your interests is part of what makes college so exciting! Why not take a an animation class, a psychology seminar on cults, a bioarchaeology or a folklore and mythology class?

Flyby Appreciates: Actually Having Roommates Graphic

Flyby Appreciates: Actually Having A Roommate

Having a roommate was a rite of passage for college students in their first year. Then Covid-19 happened, and traditional rooming arrangements got jumbled up. Now that we're back on campus, we gotta say – we actually sorta appreciate the oh-so-small housing and way-too-close bunk beds!

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How to: Save Yourself When You’ve Mis-identified Someone

Masks may protect us against Covid-19, but they definitely do not protect us against awkward interactions. In fact, leave a lot of room for them. What do I mean? Imagine this: you’re walking out of the Science Center and you see someone that you are convinced you remember from a Zoom class.

GTV Lingo to Know
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25 Vocab Words for the Class of 2025

Feeling lost or confused during conversations and infosessions? Fear not — we've compiled a field guide to 25 of the most common phrases used over the past year of virtual Harvard life.

Flyby Everywhere Collage

Flyby Everywhere: Flyby Tries Switching Time Zones

Next up in our Flyby Everywhere column, our writers (quite literally) stepped into each other's shoes and swapped time zones for a week. With wildly different experiences during their freshman years as an international student and a student living on campus, we got a peak into just one of the many new challenges awaiting many of our international students.

Master Chef: Dorm Room Edition gif
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Master Chef: Dorm Room Edition

So you're living on campus, and — despite your deep and endearing love for HUDS — the food is admittedly getting a bit old. Have no fear, variety is the spice of life after all! Why not try tossing on that dusty chef hat in the corner and making your own food? After all, might as well use those free microfridges.

Quincy Main Ext
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Quincy House

Welcome to Quincy House, whose prime location and warm in the center of campus can't be beat. Between the ceramics studio, iconic dining hall, amazing housing, and sweet community events, Quincy has all your Housing desires covered.

sick bridgerton graphic thx design

The Real Lady Whistledown Spills All

We all know that the Harvard Alumni Network is vast, but who would have thought that it includes Julia Quinn. The original tell-all Lady Whistledown agreed to be interviewed for Flyby, spilling her Harvard hot-takes, Bridgerton Season 2 anticipations, and much-needed relationship advice.

big ol spoon

Which Bridgerton Character Corresponds to Your Concentration?

2020 may have been rotten, but it gave us Bridgerton — and doesn’t that make up for everything?

Halloween Costumes: Netflix and Chill
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Quiz: How Should You Celebrate Halloween on Campus?

With Halloween coming up, you’re probably wondering how to celebrate on the 31st on campus. COVID-19 is still very much a thing and so are the restrictions placed on students, but take this quiz to figure out how to have a “boo-tiful” (I’m sorry) Halloween despite them.