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Venn Diagram: Senior Theses V. Babies

When is yours due?


A Selection of Cool Senior Theses

This month, many seniors will breathe long sighs of relief as they finally turn in their alternately adored and loathed theses. Listed below is a small sample of some of the fascinating and unusual works of scholarship that this year's seniors have produced.

On Campus

Theses Titles: From Strange to Stranger

Cranking out a seventy-something page paper that is supposed to represent the culmination of all that you have learned in four years of college sounds almost impossible. Amazingly, year after year, students manage just fine.

On Campus

Week in Photos: Arts (03/29/2011)

Visual Arts


"Skinwalker" Rebecca Kwan eerily creeps out from backstage in the March 23 performance of Skinwalking in the Loeb Ex.


Thesis Deadlines Still Loom For Some

While all of the five largest concentrations at Harvard set their thesis deadline before spring break, seniors in a significant number of smaller concentrations are still hard at work on their cumulative academic papers.

Harvard Square

In a Bind? Where To Print Your Thesis

Although some lucky seniors have already turned in their theses, many are still furiously researching and writing. As an aid to those who have yet to turn in their magnum opus, we've compiled a list of places in the Square that will print your thesis for you (once it's written).



Xanthia A. Tucker ’13 and Rebecca H. Kwan ’14 rehearse a scene from “Skinwalking.”

College Life

Seniors Face Looming Thesis Deadlines

When the deadline of a 10,000-word thesis is approaching, sometimes Katy Perry covers are the only place to turn.

Folklore and Mythology

Folklore Department Explores Options for Creative Thesis

Beginning next year, seniors in the Department of Folklore and Mythology will have the option to either complete a traditional written analysis or pursue another medium of representing their time within the concentration.


Bibliographies Made Easy

For seniors nearing thesis deadlines, one unpleasant task probably remains: creating a bibliography. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of programs that are available to help nearly-finished writers list their references quickly and professionally.


Famous People and Their Theses

Not every senior thesis gets accepted to the Festival de Cannes or praised by Michael Lewis and The Wall Street Journal, but that's not necessarily a reflection on the thesis writer. In fact, many of the College's most successful alumni didn't even write a thesis. And many of those who did might agree with Conan C. O'Brien '85: "A lot of hard work [goes] into [a] thesis. And no one is ever going to care." During last week's Commencement, we decided to check out the Harvard University Archives to unearth a few theses (alas, we couldn't get any Radcliffe ones there) written by future movers and shakers while they were just lowly undergraduates.