Queer Students and Allies

Harvard College Democrats

Groups Decide Not To Counter Westboro Baptist Church's Protest at Gomes' Service

Student organizations that have protested the Westboro Baptist Church in the past plan to ignore the group’s picket in Harvard Square this morning, according to student leaders from Harvard College Queer Students and Allies and the Harvard College Democrats.

Market in the Square
Harvard Square

Student Accuses Market Employee of Homophobia

A Harvard undergraduate may have been thrown out of Market in the Square by a homophobic clerk after kissing his boyfriend in the store early Sunday morning.


Religious Speakers Draw Ire, Protests

The controversial Social Transformation Conference—aimed at promoting “faith-based social transformation efforts,” according to its website—took place in the Northwest Science Building this weekend

Student Groups

Filmmaker Traces Evolution of ‘Intersex’

The Women’s Center handed the microphone at an event Friday to documentary filmmaker Robin Honan and intersex historian Elizabeth Reis to vocalize the crossroads of medical and social thought on intersex bodies.

Student Groups

Students “Come Out” as Feminists

College students across America “came out” as feminists yesterday, showing their support for women’s issues.

Harvard Students Learn About Sex Toys
On Campus

In the Bedroom, Out of the Box

Never before have so many vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, butt plugs, harnesses, and handcuffs graced the couches and chairs of Ticknor Lounge.