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SEAS Seeks to Improve Teaching

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is reconsidering its approach to graduate education with the hopes of enhancing students’ experience by providing more personalized guidance and resources.


Physics 11 Offered For Last Time This Year

The physics department has restructured its introductory physics curriculum to remove overlap between courses and to offer students diversity in teaching methodology.


Computational Science And Engineering Introduces Masters Programs

For the first time, the School of Engineering and Applied Science is accepting applications for its new graduate degree programs in Computational Science and Engineering. Students can now apply to pursue a Master of Science or a Master of Engineering in the field.


CS 50 Office Hours To Move To Annenberg

Starting this semester, Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science I” office hours will be held in Annenberg to facilitate interaction between students and the course staff.

Science Center Plaza Construction From Above

Science Center Plaza Common Space Construction Underway

Construction is underway to transform the Science Center Plaza into a dynamic social gathering site that will accommodate more seating, events, and local engagement for the Harvard community.


Applied Physics 50 Offers Innovative Teaching Style

Applied Physics 50: “Physics as a Foundation for Science and Engineering” will serve as a new gateway application-oriented introductory physics class and will debut in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences this fall. It will utilize “Peer Instruction,” an unconventional pedagogical style championing active student learning through interactive team projects that challenge students to apply their learning to real-world problems. For example, instead of speaking in front of the classroom, the professor will guide students as they design Rube-Goldberg machines, unmanned space missions, and musical instruments.


SEAS Boasts Advising Based On Classwork, Cake, and Nerdy Camaraderie

As the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences has almost doubled in undergraduate enrollment since 2008, the rapidly growing school has maintained a firm commitment to intimate, faculty-led advising.

Student Groups

Group for Women in Computer Science is Reborn

The long-dormant organization Women in Computer Science returned to Harvard this spring.

Graduate School of Design

SEAS Design Fair Showcases Creativity

More than ten SEAS undergraduate design courses were represented, with projects focusing in applied mathematics, the engineering sciences, and computer science.


Computer Science Sees Unparalleled Growth in SEAS

Since 2010, the computer science concentration has experienced the highest growth in undergraduate enrollment out of all departments at the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences—from 95 to 169 students.


Engineering Students Exhibit Senior Design Projects

Students in Engineering Sciences 100: “Engineering Design Projects” exhibited their senior design concepts in a series of presentations that took place from Tuesday through Friday of last week.


New SEAS Engineering Field Planned

The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences’ new mechanical engineering and electrical engineering concentrations will provide students with the opportunity for more unique and personalized plans of study.


SEAS Engineers Two New Concentrations

The new concentrations were designed to accommodate the growing student need for more focus on particular engineering disciplines, according to Joost J. Vlassak, SEAS area dean for materials science and mechanical engineering.


Professors Explore Alternatives to Traditional Lectures

In physics and applied physics professor Eric Mazur’s classes, hundreds of students debate physics problems in small groups, consulting their laptops and phones as they search for the right answer.


Harvard To Upgrade Science Center Plaza

The Science Center Plaza is scheduled to undergo surface-level refurbishments in the coming months to enhance the safety and quality of pedestrian and bike access and provide more outdoor seating areas.