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Trek through Tercentenary
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Overheard on FDOC: Spring 2023 Edition

As the day transitioned from ~light rain~ to full on snow storm (that may be a slight exaggeration), Harvard students experienced their first day of classes for the shorter and much more exciting semester. First days are always memorable, and yesterday, Flyby Blog kept track of our favorite overheads from students around campus.

harvard yard outdoor space
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Overheard at Harvard on FDOC

The first day of class is an exciting, traumatizing, and admittedly, transformative day for everyone on campus. Here is Flyby Blog’s collection of favorite overheards from various Harvard people on this very memorable start to the 2022-2023 school year.

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My Student-Athlete Covid Sob Story

After spending the better part of two years desperately avoiding Covid, it finally infiltrated my suite. There’s never a good time to get the good ol’ Rona, but I can think of a thousand-and-one reasons why this was the worst week for it to all go down.

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Overheard at the Math 21b Midterm

This midterm season, we bring you the pre-exam panic of the latest Math 21b midterm.

Urban Outfitters
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What Should Go in the Old Urban Outfitters Space?

Missing Urban Outfitters? Here's what current freshmen think should replace it.

Sophomore Bedroom Quincy
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How to (Politely) Kick out your Roommate's Significant Other

If you are standing at the door and pondering what to do, Flyby has some advice.

Pforzheimer Exterior #2
House Life

Pforzheimer House

There are two kinds of people walking around on campus: those who live in Pforzheimer House, and those oblivious to how great it is.

Blue Bottle Coffee
Harvard Square

Overheard at Blue Bottle Coffee

Wondering what's going on in the glass-enclosed, fancy looking Blue Bottle Coffee? A coffee-loving Flyby writer went in to find out.

The home page of QGuide+

QGuide+: The Student-Made Gem Finder You Need to Use

You can finally search for classes by Q guide ratings and workload. We repeat: you can finally search for gems.

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What It’s Like to be Quarantined at Harvard

It's surprisingly not bad...

In/Out November December 2018
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In, Out: November & December

Out with Catty Z, the Job Market, and Thanksgiving Feels; In with Sruthi P, Holiday Markets, and Shit Getting Real.

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Phone-y Personalities

Which of these phone-y personalities fits you?

Yale Posters

Thoughts Yale Students Have on The Game

"Honestly, I’m a little concerned about how it’ll go..."

Quincy Sophomore Common Room

How to Be the Hostess with the Mostest this Harvard-Yale

For five-star service, provide a futon and a barf bucket.