Cambridge City Council

Cambridge FY17 Budget Includes Millions for Local Renovations

Cambridge city councillors lauded a recently proposed $574 million city budget for the 2017 fiscal year that appropriated millions of dollars for projects in Harvard Square, and increased educational funding while holding property taxes relatively steady.

Harvard Kennedy School

Kennedy School Fellow Proposes Reforms to the T

The report, authored by Charles Chieppo, a fellow at the Ash Center, outlines several steps that the transportation service should take to reduce costs and increase ridership

City Politics

Cambridge Residents Vote on $500,000 Participatory Budget

For the city's first participatory budget, Cambridge residents 12 and up will be able to vote on projects proposed by residents for city improvements.

Central Administration

Health Benefits Plan Will ‘Likely’ Change in Future, Committee Members Say

Members of the committee that recommended controversial changes to Harvard’s non-union health benefits plan said it will likely change in the future.

Loeb House

Riding Fundraising Wave, Harvard Posts Small Surplus

Harvard’s small surplus is a move into the black after recent years of deficits large and small. The progress was largely fueled by the first public year of fundraising for the Harvard Campaign.

Mr. President
Undergraduate Council

Following Dispute, Eliot Strikes Last-Minute Accord with UC on HoCo Funding

Eliot House Committee leaders agreed midday Thursday to allow their proposed budget to be published by the Undergraduate Council alongside other House committee budgets, but only after a tense back-and-forth.

Harvard Law School

Law School CFO To Leave for Bates College

The Law School’s chief financial officer, Geoffrey S. Swift, has been named vice president for finance and administration and treasurer of Bates College, the school announced.


University Restructures Health Plans in Cost Control Measure

The University will significantly restructure the benefit plans it offers to non-union employees, cutting premiums but introducing, for the first time, a deductible at the point of care.


Acknowledging Harvard Budgetary Constraints, Pfister Expresses Support for Increased UC Funding

The day before Undergraduate Council leaders plan to ask University President Drew G. Faust for $250,000 in additional funding, Interim Dean of the College Donald H. Pfister said that “it makes sense” to give the UC more money to fund student groups.

The Presidential Candidates

Three Tickets Face Off in UC Presidential Debate

With the voting period for the Undergraduate Council elections underway, the three pairs of candidates vying to become the Council’s next president and vice president faced off in a debate at the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum on Monday night.

FY2005-FY2013 Net Assets
Central Administration

University Report Reveals Mixed Financial Outlook

Harvard’s financial report for the 2013 fiscal year paints a picture of a University that has recovered significantly from losses suffered during the recent financial crisis but is still looking with anticipation to the Harvard Campaign for relief, if not for a complete solution to all financial difficulties.


Club Sports Hit By Funding Cuts

With the Undergraduate Council’s budget constrained and its ability to fund student organizations increasingly limited, some club sports groups on campus have received less UC funding this year than expected and have had to make spending cuts or raise fees to adjust.


American Budget and Debt: Flyby's Takeaways

The Harvard Political Review released the Fiscal Year 2012 Annual Report of the U.S.A. last week, offering an analysis of the federal budget and challenges facing American spending policy. Coincidentally, the report was published just hours before Congressional leaders announced that they had hammered out a deal to end the federal government shutdown, which began on October 1. Flyby took a look at the numbers and decided that the best way to make sense of them was to put them in terms of three things we care about and think you probably do too—Ted Cruz, the Affordable Care Act, and the government shutdown.


UC Addresses Budget Concerns

Undergraduate Council representatives raised concerns with the current state of UC finances at Sunday’s general meeting.


Free Boston!

Before today, I had never visited Boston. I’d been living within a two-mile radius—with Trader Joe’s as my southern border, the football stadium as my western border, and a jumble of Harvard buildings and community residences constituting my northern and eastern borders. I spent the majority of my time wandering through Cambridge. Although I kept trying to get lost, I always managed to find Mass. Ave. one way or another.