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Dean Stubbs

Harvard Science Dean Christopher Stubbs Reflects on Tenure, Gives Advice to Successor

Harvard Dean of Science Christopher W. Stubbs discussed his decision to step down and urged his successor to beware of slow institutional change in a Thursday interview with The Crimson.

Harvard Kennedy School Ofer Building
Harvard Kennedy School

Experts Discuss Impact of Generative AI on Democracy at Harvard Kennedy School Conference

Experts, policymakers, and Harvard affiliates discussed generative artificial intelligence and potential legislation to regulate the technology at a conference hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School this weekend.

Sever Hall 2

SAT Scores of Recruited Athletes Trail Other Students by 160 Points, Per Class of 2027 Survey

The SAT scores of recruited athletes in the Class of 2027 trailed those of non-athletes by more than 160 points, according to The Crimson’s survey of the freshmen class.

Sal Khan
Graduate School of Education

Khan Academy CEO Says Using AI in Education is ‘An Imperative’ at Harvard-MIT Event

Khan Academy founder and CEO Sal Khan said the use of artificial intelligence in education is “an imperative” at a Harvard-MIT event Tuesday afternoon.

Engineering Yard
Student Groups

Renowned Computer Scientist Yoshua Bengio Talks Suggestions for Improving AI Safety

Yoshua Bengio, a prominent computer scientist who is widely regarded as one of the “Godfathers of AI,” discussed how increased computing power can be harnessed to improve aspects of artificial intelligence safety at a Monday afternoon webinar.

Harvard Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study
Radcliffe Institute

Harvard Computer Science Professor Fernanda Viégas Addresses AI Bias in Radcliffe Institute Talk

Harvard Computer Science professor Fernanda B. Viégas spoke about bias in generative artificial intelligence at a talk hosted by the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study on Wednesday.

Dean Parkes Interview
FAS Administration

Harvard SEAS Dean Parkes Outlines AI and Climate Change as Major Priorities for School

Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Dean David C. Parkes shared plans to prioritize artificial intelligence and climate change during his first Crimson interview as the school’s new dean on Thursday.

Kempner Institute

Harvard’s Kempner Institute Expands Academic Computing Cluster, Adds Nearly 400 GPUs

Harvard’s Kempner Institute for the Study of Natural and Artificial Intelligence purchased nearly 400 advanced graphics processing units last month to bolster its computational cluster, particularly for training generative AI models.

Harvard Medical School

Google Chief Health Officer Talks Future of Health Care and Artificial Intelligence at Harvard Medical School

Karen B. DeSalvo, Chief Health Officer at Google, discussed the future of healthcare and artificial intelligence at Harvard Medical School as part of the 22nd Annual Seidman Lecture on Monday.

Inside 124 Mt. Auburn St.
Visual Arts

Stanford Fellow, Cambridge Artist Talk Art and Generative AI at Harvard Ethics Center Panel

Ziv Epstein, a postdoctoral fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI, and Joshua Meyer, a Cambridge artist, discussed the relationship between generative artificial intelligence and art at a Monday panel.

HUIT AI Sandbox Graphic

Harvard IT Launches Pilot of AI Sandbox to Enable ‘Walled-Off’ Use of Large Language Models

Harvard University Information Technology began a limited rollout of the pilot version of its artificial intelligence “sandbox” tool on Sept. 4, with the aim of providing Harvard affiliates with secure access to large language models.

Widener Weather
Student Groups

AI Model Based on Harvard President Gay Allegedly Included Instructions Invoking Racist Stereotypes

ClaudineGPT, a generative artificial intelligence language model based on University President Claudine Gay, used instructions invoking racist stereotypes, the AI Safety Student Team alleged in an email to the model’s creators.

Dean Stubbs

Harvard Sciences Dean Stubbs Says Generative AI is ‘Top of the List’ of Challenges

Harvard Dean of Science Christopher W. Stubbs said that incorporating generative AI was “top of the list” of his challenges in an interview with The Crimson last Wednesday.

Harvard Business School Crest

Harvard Business School Partners with BCG on AI Productivity Study

A recent Harvard Business School study found that artificial intelligence tools increase worker productivity and accuracy on certain tasks but have a countervailing effect on other similarly-difficult tasks outside a certain “technological frontier.”

Eric Schmidt, Former CEO and Chairman of Google

Former CEO and Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt Talks AI in National Security at Harvard IOP

Former Google CEO Eric E. Schmidt discussed the future of artificial intelligence in national security at a Harvard Institute of Politics forum Wednesday evening.