Fall 2010 Crimson Columnists

The Crimson Editorial Board is pleased to announce its Fall 2010 editorial columnists:

Peyton R. Miller ’12, the editor of The Harvard Salient, is a government concentrator in Winthrop House. His column, “Outside the Yard,” will examine how domestic policy impacts the lives of ordinary Americans on alternate Wednesdays.

Alexander R. Konrad ’11, a former Crimson associate editorial editor, is a history concentrator in Quincy House. His column “Pros and Kons” will take a fresh look at foreign affairs, especially issues in Africa and Asia and the Arabic-speaking world in between, on alternate Mondays.

Ravi N. Mulani ’12, a crimson editorial writer, is an applied math and economics concentrator in winthrop house. His column “Bridging the Gap” looks at economic causes and solutions for inequality at home and abroad.

Avishai D. Don ’12, a Crimson editorial writer, is a social studies concentrator in Adams House currently studying abroad at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His column “From Cambridge to Jerusalem” will explore religion and politics straight from the Holy Land on alternate Thursdays.


Courtney A. Fiske ’11 is a senior social studies concentrator living in Lowell House. Her column, “The F-Word,” will continue to examine gender, contemporary culture, and Harvard life on alternate Fridays.

Adam R. Gold ’11 lives in Adams House and is concentrating in physics. His column, “Fully Charged,” is about science and technology and how they impact Harvard students. The column will touch on topics ranging from Napster to nanotubes and will focus on bringing the latest research to the rest of us on alternate Fridays.

Peter M. Bozzo ’12 is a government concentrator in Eliot House. His column, "I Pledge Allegiance" will explore law, education, and the interactions between them on alternate Mondays.

Meredith C. Baker ’13, a Crimson editorial writer, is a social studies concentrator in Currier House. Her column, "Off the Map, Off the Radar," will cover politics and humanitarian issues in the developing world on alternate Tuesdays.

Dylan R. Matthews ’12, a Crimson editorial writer, is a social studies concentrator in Kirkland House and co-president of Perspective, Harvard’s liberal monthly. His column “The Broom of the System” will explore the structural impediments to progressive change at the national level.

Christopher M. Lehman ’13, a Crimson business editor, is a Currier House resident still deciding between social studies, history, and government for his concentration.  His column, “Oldspeak,” which owes its name to George Orwell’s concept of Newspeak, will pursue the idea that the language we use can shape modern discourse in ways that are not immediately apparent.


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