Op Eds

The Crimson Editorial Board is Pleased To Announce its Spring 2013 Columnists

Idrees Kahloon ’16, “Body Politic.” A look at politics that investigates the idiosyncrasies and incompetence of Washington, and their impact on the general public.  The column will appear on alternate Wednesdays.

John F.M. Kocsis ’15, “JFMK School of Government.” Politics are a bit different in central Pennsylvania. This column will reconcile a conservative upbringing and liberal education to find solutions for America’s 100 percent. The column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Sandra Y.L. Korn ’14, “The Red Line.” The MBTA’s Red Line connects Harvard to the rest of Cambridge, Boston, and the world.  This column will explore the ways Harvard interacts with its community  and how neoliberalism influences these interactions. The column will appear on alternate Tuesdays.

Joshua B. Lipson ’14, “Dining on Sacred Cow.” A bold, ideologically maverick column to challenge social and political orthodoxies on the premise that nothing is sacred. It will approach tired topics like Middle East affairs, human nature, and political psychology from an uncomfortable, but hopeful angle. The column will appear on alternate Mondays.

Raul P. Quintana ’14, “Transatlanticism.” With its author abroad at Oxford, this column will discuss international affairs, US-UK relations, and the future of the European Union, plus occasional ruminations on campus life. It will appear on alternate Fridays.


Molly L. Roberts ’16, “The Roberts Court.” This column will look at cutting-edge issues in the law that impact the lives of Harvard students and other ordinary Americans. It will appear on alternate Thursdays. (Disclaimer: The author of this column is not related in any way, shape, or form to Chief Justice John G. Roberts.)

Sarah R. Siskind ’14, “The Snollygoster.” Why is it illegal to own a pet giraffe in Massachusetts? This column will examine loopy lawmakers, legal loopholes, and what they mean for society on alternate Fridays.

Daniel L. Solomon ’16, “The Rainbow Sign.” “Here’s my thesis, peace in the world or the world in pieces.” —Oscar Brand. This column will explore the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a solution-oriented Zionist view on alternate Tuesdays. It will also ponder the paradoxes of American Jewish life, aiming for catharsis, if not answers.

Wyatt N. Troia ’14, “Who, What, and Wyatt.” Straight talk on undergrad life and politics. The column will appear on alternate Fridays.

Tessa A.C. Wiegand ’15, “Tessallations.” An exploration of Harvard students’ perspectives, activities, and lives, plus why they matter. The column will appear on alternate Mondays.

Gina Yu ’13, “Medical Yu-logies.” An analysis of the medical practice’s long life, praising the progress we’ve made and criticizing what needs to be changed, especially in regards to medical ethics. It will appear on alternate Thursdays.

Jonathan Zhou ’14, “Homo Economicus.” A “rational, self-interested” individual’s rambling about economic and campus issues on alternate Wednesdays.